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Jahnavi's Classmates Bully Her Because She Has A Dialysis Tube Poking Out Of Her Body

“Her schoolmates tease and poke her because she has a tube sticking out of her body. She used to cry so much, that I decided to take her out of school.”

At 14 years, Jahnavi suffers from total kidney failure and needs dialysis every day to survive. She hasn’t had one normal day in the past 3 years since her kidneys failed.

Delay in treatment cost Jahnavi and her family more than they could imagine

It started with dullness, her father Raju recalls. Three years ago, she suddenly started becoming inactive. She didn’t take interest in homework or any other activities. Initially, he dismissed them as tantrums. Then, Jahnavi started showing physical symptoms - fever, extreme weakness, vomitings etc. Raju decided to consult a doctor to find out what was happening. But nothing prepared him for what he was about to hear.

All the weakness and inactivity were due to kidney failure. The doctors at Care Hospital, Nampally, Hyderabad, said that her kidneys had not grown enough to support a 14-year-old's body. A kidney transplant was the only way to save her. The diagnosis left Raju and his family in a state of shock. Guilt for not taking her symptoms seriously before crashed on him.

Jahnavi at home with her parents

“No matter how much I cry or pray now, my daughter won't get any better.”

Jahnavi has gotten so weak that half the time, she can’t stay awake. She has to sit through four peritoneal dialysis sessions every day, to be stable. No matter what happens, these sessions have to be administered to her, or the repercussions will be fatal. These daily dialysis sessions are needed to keep her alive till she gets a transplant. 

Finding a donor is an impossible task for Raju

Jahnavi’s parents Raju and Shyamala have registered with Jeevandan - a government-initiated organ transplant programme, to find a suitable donor for their daughter. Given Jahnavi’s critical condition, she has to undergo a transplant urgently to survive.

Due to kidney failure, Jahnavi has low blood pressure, anemia and low blood sugar. She’s being constantly kept on high-dose medication so she remains stable till she can find a donor and undergo surgery.

With kidney failure also came a lot of trauma at school

Jahnavi is a brave girl, who wanted to keep going to school despite being so seriously ill. But her classmates could not understand what she was going through. For daily dialysis, a tube has been inserted into the right side of her body. Seeing this tube jutting out of her body, they tease and poke at her, putting her through a lot of physical and emotional pain.

After enduring this for really long, one day she came home and gave up on school. Raju and his wife have withdrawn her from the school till she is better. Now she stays at home, going through the ordeal of dialysis 4 times a day. But she hasn’t given up hope on living. She continues to put up a brave fight, inspiring her parents to stay strong too.

Raju’s wife, Shyamala is illiterate and can’t find a job to add to the family’s income. Moreover, Jahnavi needs someone to take care of her all the time, so her mother stays home now. Jahnavi has two older brothers, Shyam (19) and Akhil (17). They try their best to cheer their little sister up, but her pain and suffering is simply too much.

Their poverty is the biggest deterrent in Jahnavi's treatment

“Everything I have is for her. If I had any property, I'd have gladly sold it off for her treatment. I would not wish this plight on an enemy.”

Each month, dialysis costs Raju around Rs 12,000-15,000. Transport takes another Rs 3,000-4,000. Raju is a bus conductor earning Rs 4,000 a month. Jahnavi’s treatment costs him more than thrice his income every month. He has borrowed money from friends, relatives, banks to pay for his daughter’s treatment. But money is a limited resource and Raju is in a very tough spot.

Jahnavi’s illness can be cured permanently only through a transplant and Raju needs to be ready with all the money required before they can find a donor. Raju's poverty shouldn’t claim his daughter’s life.

Let’s contribute towards saving Jahnavi’s life.

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Specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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