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7-Month-Old's Stomach Is So Huge That He Can't Even Sit Up, A Liver Transplant Can Save Him

He is so sick that if he plays for 10 minutes, he cries for two hours after that. His stool has turned black. His stomach has swollen so much that he is unable to even sit up comfortably. We’re trying our best, but he has already gone through so much pain in the seven months that he has lived.” – Acha Lal Gupta, father

Even when the doctor insisted, these parents knew something was wrong with their baby’s health

Acha Lal’s voice often breaks when talking about Iyan’s health. The baby had undiagnosed jaundice when he turned four months old. Despite repeatedly taking him from their town to Tezpur to find out what was wrong with him, the doctor insisted it was the heat. Last July, it had been uncomfortably warm in Assam, but his parents firmly asked for a blood test and the baby’s Hepatitis B diagnosis. was confirmed.

“They would keep taking blood for tests and making our baby cry and yet not give us the right treatment. We decided to go to a good private hospital in Guwahati instead. Our baby was admitted and he seemed to get better. But a visiting liver specialist from Delhi told us that his liver was entirely damaged and he needed a liver transplant at the earliest.” – Acha Lal

Their savings are exhausted and the family is struggling to arrange for funds

The family is now trying to desperately trying to put together funds for Iyan’s liver transplant, which is to take place in Delhi. For Acha Lal, a shopkeeper in Biswanath Chariali, Assam, it is not easy to put together such a huge amount. They have already exhausted all their savings and are neck-deep in debt after borrowing monru for the treatment, so far.

“So far we have spent Rs 5 lakhs on his treatment alone. Of which Rs 4 lakhs is borrowed. Now they say we need to arrange for Rs 15 lakhs for his liver transplant. Even his daily medicines are expensive but we have to do whatever we can to make sure he lives.” –Acha Lal

They are determined to save their baby

Acha Lal is even more determined to save his baby because he informally adopted him from a close family friend, with the hope of bringing him up with a lot of love and care. Instead, they are heartbroken that they are in this position where they have to be alert and not make a mistake that may cost their baby his life.

We have tried everything that we could think of doing and nothing seems to be enough. We have to keep at it. The doctor has told us that many babies have received liver transplants and lived healthy lives after that. So if we can just get that for our baby, he can be saved.” –Acha Lal

Currently, baby Iyan's condition is very fragile. His eyes and skin have turned yellow and he often bleeds through his stool. His biological mother will be his donor and a surgery has been tentatively scheduled. But his parents are worried whether he will make it to that point. Their worries keep them up at night, as they constantly wonder how they will arrange for funds in such a short timeframe. They are hoping for a miracle to see them through this difficult period.

Baby Iyan has a good chance of getting better and living a healthy life with his loving parents. Your contribution will be a ray of hope for his desperate family. Click here to donate.
Patient Iyan Gupta is 7 months old, living in Guwahati, Assam
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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