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This Nurse Is Striving To Save Her Daughter By Herself, She Needs Your Help

Aarti, a  mother to two children, has had to put up a strong front for months now, becoming the pillar of support for her little family. She holds herself together as her doe-eyed daughter continues to ask when she will be able to go to school or play again. Aarti has no answer as she watches her young daughter slowly succumb to a life-threatening disease.

7-year-old Ishita Ingle wants to go back to how life was before the numerous hospital visits and medicines, but Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is slowly taking her life from her. She needs 6 rounds of chemotherapy to survive, and her mother is solely doing everything she can to save her daughter’s life.

What they thought was mere back pain, turned out to be cancer

A fun-loving and gentle child, Ishita’s life turned upside down when in October 2020, she contracted a high fever and complained of severe backache. Her mother tried to get her treated locally, but the antibiotics prescribed weren’t doing much. Her fever would fluctuate, but her backache persisted. Seeing this, Aarti at first thought her daughter had hurt her spine and took her to get it checked out, but there was nothing out of the ordinary in the reports.

“She was in so much pain, and I got extremely worried. A normal backache wouldn’t impair her movement - she could barely walk or even stand! We also took her to a nephrologist thinking she had a kidney problem, but an MRI scan said everything was normal. We were then asked to get a bone marrow test done, and the reports confirmed my worst fears. I was told that my sweet daughter had blood cancer!” - Aarti, mother

She is all alone in her fight to save her daughter

The family hails from a village in interior Maharashtra and Aarti is seemingly alone in this fight. She had been a practising nurse at a private hospital prior to Ishita’s diagnosis but lost her job due to the leaves taken to care for her ailing daughter. Her husband has been unsupportive throughout his daughter’s cancer battle. He was a writer for a local newspaper, but after losing his job has become an alcoholic.

“I only have myself to rely on for my children's well-being and I have to make sure they are alright. They will always be my first priority and I will do all I can for them. Now, my daughter needs me, but there’s only so much I can do to help her fight this disease. I’ll even sweep houses and mop floors to make ends meet, if it saves my daughter…” - Aarti

Without a source of income, she can’t pay for her daughter’s treatment

Aarti has left no stone unturned in her goal to save her daughter’s life. She has made every single-handed effort to fund Ishita’s treatment, including borrowing from relatives and selling her jewellery. Without a steady job and income, she is in a serious predicament.

“Just like my mother and I, I dreamed of putting Ishita through school to become a nurse. But now all the money I saved up is gone towards her treatment. I’m trying to be strong for her sake, I need to be strong, I have decided I will be stable for my children. But this disease is killing my daughter, how do I save her? Please help me…” - Aarti.

How You Can Help

Ishita has to be administered 6 cycles of chemotherapy, of which three have already been done. While she has shown signs of recovery, she still has three rounds to go until she is completely out of the woods. Aarti has spent about INR 12 lakhs altogether on her daughter’s treatment and needs about INR 8 lakhs more to complete the chemotherapy.

Ishita needs your help. Any contribution you make will help this bubbly 7-year-old fight cancer. She will able to go to school again and play with her friends. Click here to donate.
Patient Ishita Ingle is 7 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in HCG Cancer Centre, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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