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A Large Cancerous Tumour Is Growing On This 3-Year-Old's Eye, She Needs Urgent Surgery

Your daughter is blind... I don’t think she can ever see again.

“The doctors told us right after she was born that she can’t see. We were heartbroken at the thought that she would never be able to see us. But, just when we were starting to accept all of this, we found out that she has eye cancer... cancer!” - Indrajeet, father

Indrakshi was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (eye cancer) when she was 2 months old and it left the parents devastated. They started her chemotherapy treatment immediately but it was very hard for the little one to bear it. After every session, her body was left weak and her mind irritated.

“While she was growing up, she would cry all the time. She couldn’t talk, couldn't  see... it was so hard for her. Now, she's 3 years old and has gotten used to all this treatment by now. Though her body feels weak, she never misses a chance to listen to music and sing along. She loves to sing and watching her sing is the happiest moment we share in a day.” - Mayuri, mother

Her body has stopped responding to the chemotherapy, it won’t work anymore

Chemotherapy helped baby Indrakshi live a normal life but recently, from the past 5 months, her cancer has started to grow back. Her eye started to bulge so much that it is terrifying for the parents to see her in so much pain. It is tearing her flesh and growing bigger and bigger each day.

“Chemotherapy isn’t working anymore and she needs an immediate surgery. Her eye...they have to remove it completely. If this surgery is not done, her cancer will spread and can even take her away from us. I am failing... I am failing to save her. I have nothing left to keep fighting for my daughter.” - Indrajeet

Indrakshi is Indrajeet and Mayuri’s only child. They want nothing more than to see her healthy and happy. Over the last 3 years, they have spent all their savings and whatever income they got. Now, they cannot continue any further and they need help.

“I run a small gym, and whatever I get goes into her treatment. I have even sold my mother's and wife’s jewellery and now... I am helpless, I am unable to arrange the 6 lakhs needed for her surgery. Please help us save our daughter.” - Indrajeet

Only you can help this little girl beat cancer. Your contributions can save her.
Patient Indrakshi is 3 years old, living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Aster Aadhar Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Bilateral Advanced Orbitaretino Balstoma

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