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Cows Are Sacred Animals Yet People Abandon And Discard Them Like They Are Trash After They Stop Giving Milk

"Seeing cows eating plastic and suffering on the streets moved us deeply. People also abandon and discard cows like they are trash after they stop giving milk. We felt we needed to act." - Radhasharan

This heartbreaking reality led to the establishment of India Aid Foundation in 2024, dedicated to rescuing and caring for these gentle creatures.

'They are equal to God, yet they are mistreated'

"Our aim is to save cows from harm and provide them a sanctuary. They are docile animals that are equal to God, and they should be treated in such a way. I don’t understand how people can turn a blind eye to the suffering of cows. " - Radhasharan 

The foundation ensures that these cows are fed nutritious meals comprising jaggery, green fodder, mustard oil, salt, and dalia, providing them with the necessary nutrients to thrive. They also provide decent burials to cows who have passed away, ensuring dignity even in death. 

Spiritual and Emotional Bond

"Cows have a special place in our culture and spirituality. They respond to evening prayers in our gowshaala, showing the deep bond we share with them." - Radhasharan 

Join Them in Making a Difference

India Aid Foundation’s story is one of compassion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of a better life for animals often forgotten in the hustle of human progress. As the foundation progresses, it seeks support and collaboration to expand its reach and impact.

We are requesting funds to purchase food for cows, including raw materials such as dry grass, daliya, mustard vest, atta, chane ka bhusa, and mustard oil. Additionally, we also require funds for staff salaries, construction costs, transportation, and other related expenses.” - Radhasharan 

Join them in their mission to create a sanctuary for cows and other stray animals, ensuring they are safe and cared for. 

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