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Their Newborn Passed Away In His Sleep, The Same Can Happen To Their Daughter Now

On the 6th day after my son was born, I went to wake him in the morning to feed him... and he was just lying there... dead.
I can't even describe what I went through. To bring home the most valuable thing in the world, the start of the most beautiful journey in a woman’s life, and then having to bury him not even a week later... without even knowing how or why it happened...
And now my daughter is sick too. I don’t think I can bury another baby. I just... I can’t. I can’t.
– Reena, mother

When Sunny and Reena’s firstborn passed away, nobody knew why. It had happened so suddenly. He’d vomited the previous night, and by morning he was no more. To properly find out the cause, poor Reena had to consent to letting the doctors draw vials of her dead baby’s blood, for further investigation after he was buried. Eventually, the doctors discovered that he’d had a rare and dangerous liver disease, that had caused all his organs to shut down. And then, to the young couple’s horror, they were told it was a genetic condition. He had gotten it from them.

It was a genetic condition, but their local doctor said it couldn't happen to them again

“We couldn’t believe it. The doctors said it wasn’t our fault, that the chances of this happening were extremely low but... How could we not feel guilty?! Apparently, Sunny and I are both carriers, so we’re not sick, but there’s a small chance that any child we have can be. Since it already happened once, they said it was nearly impossible that it could happen to us again. So we started hoping once more. When Hirwa was born we thought it was a fresh start in our lives. But now... Now my daughter – she’s just a year old – she has been diagnosed with the same condition. And she’s dying too.” – Reena

They tried their best to protect Hirwa from sharing her brother's fate

Despite their local doctor’s reassurances, Reena and Sunny wanted to be absolutely sure, and insisted that he test her for the condition as soon as she was born. Unfortunately, it came back positive. With sinking hearts, the young couple asked them to test her again, and the results were the same. The new chapter in their lives had the same beginning as the first one. But still, they tried their best to protect little Hirwa from sharing her brother’s fate. They gave her all her prescribed medications, fed her all the right foods, took her to a city hospital regularly. But her liver kept deteriorating, and her organs have started to shut down too; she is in great pain. Two months ago, she was even in a coma for a while. She needs an urgent liver transplant, costing around 20 lakhs.

Sunny sleeps just an hour a day, going out to work at 3 in the morning 

“I’ve been trying my best to earn money, but I’m just an auto-driver, and I can’t be away from her for too long either. I’ve been going out for a few hours around 3am every morning, that’s when she sleeps. I barely sleep anymore, maybe an hour a day, but what can I do? We have no money left. All of it went into trying to prevent this very thing from happening. I can’t lose my angel. Sometimes I wish God hadn’t... blessed us with her. She must be in so much pain, and it hurts us too. This is our last chance at being parents. We will never have another child. Please... please help us save our Hirwa.” – Sunny
The clock is ticking for this family. Hirwa’s new doctors have said she only has weeks left. She needs the transplant done before that, but the expense is too high. Please click here to contribute.
Patient Hirwa Parmar is 1 year old, living in Ahemdabad
Being treated in Cims Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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