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Only Bone Marrow Transplant Can Save This 6-Year-Old's Life, But His Parents Can't Afford It

“His whole body was covered with red spots and he had a high temperature. We took him to the hospital where they did a CBC test, and when the results came they asked us to take him to a bigger hospital immediately as it looked like a severe disease. But we never expected it to be a blood disorder that will threaten to take away our son from us.” 
- Parmeshwar, father

The hospital has become his second home

Harish was diagnosed with Aplastic anemia, a condition that occurs when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. It leaves you fatigued, more prone to infections and uncontrolled bleeding. Harish’s bone marrow has failed and despite giving him immunosuppressive therapy, his condition continues to deteriorate..

“He needs blood transfusion every 15 days, platelets every 8 days and has to get CBC test every 5 days and we have to constantly look for blood donors. For all these procedures we have to take him to Jaipur, which is 210 kms away from home. We can’t afford a place to stay in the city so we travel whenever needed. The hospital has become his second home and watching him suffer every day is just killing us.” - Parmeshwar

He needs a bone marrow transplant to recover

Harish's body  has stopped responding to his current treatment and now there is only one way to save his life - a bone marrow transplant. It will cost about 25 lakh rupees which these poor parents can’t afford.
My child has gotten so weak, he can barely walk without gasping for breath. He easily gets tired and he often complains of body aches. He doesn’t even eat enough food to give him strength. He says he is not hungry and doctors tell us that it is common in such diseases to lose appetite. But how will he recover if things continue to be like this?” - Priyanka, mother

You can help

“I am a homemaker and my husband is a daily wage labourer. Our income is just enough for us to survive. But for our son’s treatment, it is not even enough to bear the cost of the regular medicines, let alone transplant. Harish often asks me when he can stop going to the hospital and play with other children, and I have no answer for that. I fear that I will lose my child if this transplant doesn’t happen in time. Without your help we will never be able to save our son. Please help us.” - Priyanka

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Patient Harish Chandra Lohiya is 6 years old, living in Nagaur, Rajasthan
Being treated in Manipal Jaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Aplastic Anemia

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