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The Liver Disease That Took Away His Sister Is Now Threatening To Kill Him, He Needs Help

“We were blessed with beautiful children, only to lose them before they could even learn to call us ‘Amma or ‘Appa’. Now, Hari (7) and Mohan (4) are all I have. But this wretched disease is here again, to take away my Hari. I can’t let that happen, I won’t be able to take it…”
 - Maria, mother

A liver disease is threatening to take his life

Maria and Devaraj's first-born child, Hari Krishnan was only 4 days old, when his body turned yellow and his stomach started to bulge. After several months of tests and follow-ups, he was diagnosed with a severe liver disease. He needed a liver transplant, but was advised to wait at least 5 years as he was still a baby. 

“With every passing day, his difficulty only grew. His stomach was just the same, and he never learnt how to walk as his legs are too weak to carry his own weight. We keep having to rush him to the hospital every other week. When he was 5, we thought this will all end. But because of my inability to afford his treatement, I couldn’t save my son. Now, he is running out of time and I don’t know what to do. I am afraid to lose him.” - Devaraj, father

They are no strangers to this tragedy

In the last 7 years, Maria and Devaraj had the misfortune of losing 3 children. She miscarried one baby; another died after just one week of birth; and finally Diya, who survived for a year, lost her life to the same disease that Hari suffers from, 3 months ago. Before they could even recover from the grief of losing their daughter, they learned that Hari's life is in danger. 

I still can’t believe that Diya is not with us anymore, and I would die with guilt if I can’t save Hari too. His liver is completely damaged and he needs a liver transplant at the earliest. But the cost, it’s way beyond my means.” - Devaraj

Living below the poverty line, they need your help to save Hari

Devaraj and Maria live below the poverty line, and barely manage to get by. They depend on the government scheme to get their ration, and Maria often goes to work on days when it gets difficult to manage. With Hari’s increasing medical expenses, they have no other option but to take loans from all available sources. Yet, is not enough for them to afford the transplant.

“There hasn’t been even a single day where we've had a meal in peace, without thinking about tomorrow. We tried our best to save, even skipped meals. But it was not enough. Though Hari is just 7, he knows he has a medical condition and that he needs a surgery, but he never talks about it and tries his best to hide his pain. This surgery can give him his childhood back!” - Maria

The transplant will cost almost 20 lakh rupees, which these poor parents can't afford. You can help. Click here to donate.
Patient Harikrishnan is 7 years old, living in Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Liver failure

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