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An Accident Has Left 60% Of This Young Boy’s Face And Body Burnt

“By the time I came running downstairs, my son was lying there, with all his clothes burned to ashes and his body… I can’t even describe what I saw. My wife and I quickly took him in my auto and rushed to the hospital. I drove from street to street... 4 different hospitals but none of them took him. Sometimes saying it is a police case, sometimes saying there is no bed… they did not even do his first aid. I lost all hope but finally his treatment began here.” Jagath, father

Jagath is an auto driver and to earn a little extra he sometimes does fabrication work. On the day of the accident, he went to collect his wage from the site. His wife picked up Gurbajan from school and took him there from where they were planning to go home together.

“Guru is a very active child. He keeps playing all the time. He is the youngest in the house and is very pampered. That day too he got so excited after seeing the large open space that we smiled at his happiness. He was playing with a rod he found nearby and soon he slipped... he slipped and fell on current wires and then he…his body was burning and I heard the cries.” Poonam,mother

I heard a huge thud and I saw my son burning 

“She ran and held him, not knowing he was being electrocuted and she burned herself too. If I didn’t come on time, I would have lost them both. It is no less than a nightmare for us, how our life changed overnight.” Jagath

He cries on the hospital bed calling out to me saying that it burns and it hurts a lot but I am unable to do anything. I keep talking to him to distract him but it doesn’t work, I can see it in his eyes. For me it was only my hand that got severely burnt but my son… I am terrified to even imagine what kind of pain he is going through in his entire body. " Poonam, breaking into tears

Gurbajan has 60% burns on his body. It is not that he can’t survive, he has very good chances of survival but the question here is the cost of the treatment. Jagath and Poonam both work hard for their children to provide them with a better future. Poonam runs a small Anganwadi and Jagath tries finding better opportunities rather than depending just on his income through his auto.

I am unable to save him and it is killing me

“Doctor says he needs urgent surgery to survive but 7 lakhs? We don’t have that much money. People around us helped all they can till now but I don’t know how I will manage any further. I feel devastated looking at my son suffering like this. I am not able to save him and it is killing me.” Jagath, begging for help. 

You are their only hope to save their son from a tragedy. Your contribution can save his life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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