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This pot-seller has to borrow money even to take his sick son to a doctor for heart disease

Gurappa is an 11-year-old with a heart defect. His condition has become so bad that he doesn't have the energy to even talk to anyone. His father makes a living selling plastic pots. To even take Gurappa to the hospital in Hyderabad, he has to borrow a heavy loan. He is desperate to get Gurappa a heart surgery that will save his life.

Gurappa with his parents Chinna and Narsamma

“In this village, we eat only when we have worked the whole day”

Gurappa's parents Chinna and Narsamma set out early in the day to sell their plastic pots. They walk in front of each house checking if they need a pot. Some days, they get lucky and are hired for a day's manual labor. In a month, despite working so hard, Chinna earns Rs 1,500 per month. 

“I have 3 sons, and the eldest dropped out and he too tries to get some daily-wage work to help us. Our two younger sons go to the government school. We could live a better life if they also work, but we don't mind the difficulty – we want our children to study,” Chinna says.

We are not eligible for a government medical scheme 

Unfortunately, for the last 6 months, Chinna's youngest son Gurappa has been fighting a severe heart condition. It started with him fainting at school. Slowly, his breathing became difficult and he stopped having even the energy to talk. His skin and nails turned very dark. 

Chinna and Narsamma knew what was troubling Gurappa. This was how he had spent his whole childhood – tired, and unable to live a normal life. Last time, he got better after an operation sponsored by a government medical scheme. They are not eligible again and they don't know how to save their son this time. 

“After the operation, my son was finally normal – the next few years were happy”

Last time, a stent was put in Gurappa to ease blood flow through his heart. Now it seems to be malfunctioning and he needs a new stent. Without the stent, his condition has become worse than ever. But given the financial situation at home, there is no relief in sight for Gurappa. 

Chinna knows that an operation will help his son get better. But when even food is a struggle, going to the doctor becomes a luxury. Even to visit Hyderabad from his village, he needs to borrow for the ticket. Chinna is able to take Gurappa to the hospital only when his health becomes really bad.

“When it started happening again – and his body and nails turned dark, I went to all my neighbours and borrowed Rs 3,000 to go to Hyderabad. I fell on the doctor's feet to save my son. I will be very grateful to any one who helps me save my young child's life,” says Chinna.

How you can help

Because Gurappa's operation will cost Rs 2 lakhs, his parents are on the verge of giving up hope of saving him. With earnings of Rs 50 per day, Chinna is in no position to collect or even borrow this amount.

Your contribution will help a very poor father save his youngest son.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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