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Time Is Running Out, This Teenager Needs Urgent Treatment To Beat Cancer

“Every day I had to call him, again and again, to make him come back home, he likes playing so much but that day, he came back early, he was clenching his chest and was in unbearable pain. He tried telling me what was happening to him but he couldn’t say a word. He was gasping for breath!” -Rekha, mother

They diagnosed a cancerous tumour just near his heart

14-year-old Gulshan was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was put on an oxygen machine. Tests revealed that he had a tumour very near to his heart which was causing him pain and breathlessness.

“Biopsy was done and the sample was sent to check if the tumour was cancerous. I prayed so much for the result to be negative but...but it happened anyway. God didn’t listen to any of my prayers, he was diagnosed with cancer! This disease can break even the strongest of adults, my son is just a child”- Rekha

Rigorous chemotherapy and a major surgery 

There was no time to waste. Soon after the diagnosis, Gulshan’s treatment began. After 2 months of rigorous chemo treatment, he underwent a major surgery which was successful, his tumour was removed. But it is not over yet. Gulshan needs to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy more to completely kill cancer.

“The treatment has been very hard on him, afterall it is to fight cancer. It made him weak and tired. He struggled to even wake up from his bed. When he started losing his hair, he was so upset that he stopped talking all of a sudden but my brave child kept fighting. There is so much improvement after the surgery but it is not enough. He needs to continue the treatment to beat this deadly disease.”- Rekha

They are unable to continue his treatment, please help them

Rajkumar, Gulshan’s father, is a vegetable seller and Rekha runs a small tiffin service for a living. But ever since Gulshan has fallen sick, both of them have not been able to earn much. They are struggling to keep up with the expenses. Till now, they did everything they could to keep the treatment going but now, they are left with nothing more than a few hundred rupees. They need your help.

“It is only when both of us work, we are able to afford the monthly expenses but with our child sick, it just kept getting harder. We took loan and have borrowed from everyone we know, we have exhausted all our sources. If we can’t continue the treatment, his cancer might come back and agressive than before. I don’t want my son to go through any of this again. Please help me save my son.” - Rekha

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Patient Gulshan Sadana is 14 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in American Oncology Institute, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Heart { Tumor }

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