Few Days Before His Sister's Marriage, For Which He Worked Hard For Years, Gopal Had A Deadly Brain Stroke | Milaap
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Few Days Before His Sister's Marriage, For Which He Worked Hard For Years, Gopal Had A Deadly Brain Stroke

28-year-old Gopalakrishnan has always shouldered responsibilities beyond his age. After his education, he took care of his aged parents, and his siblings' education. He worked hard to save money for his sister's marriage, and when her wedding was fixed, the family's joy knew no bounds. They were all waiting for the occasion. There are hardly a few days left for the wedding, but it is uncertain if Gopal can witness it and come out of his brain stroke alive.

Gopal's heartbroken parents are waiting for him to wake again

He collapsed on the floor due to brain stroke

Last month, Gopal left for office as usual. He had a severe headache. He always complained of a headache, but everyone, including him, assumed that it was due to working long hours. When he started vomiting, everyone asked him to go home and take rest. But then, he suddenly collapsed on the floor.

They rushed him to the hospital and to everyone's horror - Gopal had suffered a brain stroke. His blood vessels had burst and it caused disruption of blood flow to the brain. An urgent surgery was done to remove the blood clots. Knowing that his parents could not bear to hear the news, one of his close friends went home and brought them to the hospital. Till then, they thought he had just fainted, but seeing his condition they broke down in tears and haven't yet come out of the shock.

Only a few days are left for his sister's wedding

"My son spent all his time and money for the family and never complained. He never felt sad. We are a happy family. When he started saying he had a headache - we asked him to rest. I never thought it would turn this tragic. We were thinking our bad days were over and he'll start thinking about his own future now. But he is lying unconscious, not knowing how much it hurts us to see him like this." -Manimekalai, Gopal's mother.
Gopal's sister Meenakshi worked as a school teacher. She quit her job when her marriage was fixed. Her wedding is on April 5, and as planned and wished by her brother, she has decided to go ahead with it. However, Meenakshi is staying with her brother until he recovers. She is hopeful that he will recover soon and see her getting married.

Gopal's father is heartbroken to see him in this condition

Gopal's father is a senior citizen and is completely shattered. He cries all the time by himself and has no strength to see his son in this condition. Gopal was on ventilator support for few days, he opens his eyes now and then. He has not yet spoken. His family is constantly talking to him, trying desperately to make him respond.

Gopalakrishnan is the sole breadwinner of his family

" How can I bear this? He is my life, strength and everything to our family. God should have chosen for me this cruelty. He has not started living his life for him. I can't imagine my daughter's marriage to happen without him. I can't imagine our family and life without him." - Rangarajan, Gopal's father.

He needs another surgery and a prolonged hospital stay

Gopal needs another surgery and a prolonged hospital stay to recover completely. It is indeed a long journey. The sole breadwinner of the family is now fighting for his life leaving the whole family in despair. He was taking care of his brother's college education as well. 

Gopalakrishnan needs another surgery and  prolonged treatment to survive

How can you help

Gopal's family have spent around 5 lakhs.They need Rs 20 lakhs for his surgery and treatment, without which, he can't survive. He is very important to his family. He deserves a life. The family is waiting every moment for him to come back to them. They are all helpless. Only your support can give him a chance to live his life.

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