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6-Year-Old Fears He Will Die Of Cancer Like His Friend In The Hospital, Begs Father To Save Him

“Ganesh told me one day that his friend in the bed next to him was missing. We then heard that he had passed away because of cancer. Ganesh now fears that the same will happen to him. A cold shiver runs down my spine as I think about what would happen if  I can’t afford his transplant in time. He begs me to save him from cancer, but I’m helpless.”  - Lakshman (Father).

His 6-year-old boy, Ganesh is fighting blood cancer and his only chance at getting better is through a bone marrow transplant.

Ganesh with his parents outside their home

The little boy has full faith on Lord Ganesha to cure him of his disease

Aai, Lord Ganesha is my best friend - he will take care of me, don’t worry,” - the 6-year-old keeps assuring his mother, Urmila. He is positive that he will fight back cancer like he did the previous time. The disease has made him weak but hasn’t dampened his spirit.

Ganesh is suffering from a relapse Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It is cancer that affects the bone marrow and the white blood cells.

'He started showing the same symptoms yet again - our worst fears came back'

The poor family cursed their fate when in 2018 the doctors told them that Ganesh’s fever and bloated belly were the early signs of blood cancer.
“But even in our despair, we didn’t lose hope. We borrowed money and started off his treatment. He was getting better and in a few month’s time we even brought him home. But only three months had passed when he started running a high temperature again. He complained of severe body aches and when we took him for the tests, they said it was a relapse.”  - Urmila, mother

His sister is a matched donor but his parents are afraid that they can't afford the transplant

Ganesh’s 10-year-old sister, Vedika is a matched donor for him. He is undergoing chemo now and his transplant is due on the 10th of the next month.

 Ganesh with his sister, Vedika, an old pic 

“Everything is in place except that we don’t have the money to go forward with the transplant. He is responding well to the chemotherapy and doctors told us that there is a high chance for this to work in his favour.”  - Lakshman

'I have to do this for my son - please help me'

A sugarcane farmer in Belgaum, Karnataka, Ganesh’s father, Lakshman is working extra hours to save every penny for his son’s treatment. He has already spent about Rs 10 lakhs. Arranging another Rs 13.5 lakhs is next to impossible for this poor man who is cowering under huge debts. You can make a generous contribution to help him.
“My wife and son are in Kolhapore and I am in Belgaum, working and taking care of Vedika. Every day I wish I can be with them but I know missing a day’s work can cost us our son’s life. But even with all of this, I won't be able to arrange the money - I need your help” - Lakshman.

Together, we can save little Ganesh

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