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Single Mother Who Faced Domestic Abuse Fought To Save Her Daughter

The day her daughter was born marked a new beginning for Ruqiya, a young mother who had endured years of unspeakable abuse and mental trauma at the hands of her violent husband. Having suffered from 2 miscarriages previously, she’d vowed to protect little Farhana with her life.

But only 10 days after her birth, Farhana was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a condition that causes progressive damage to the liver, which has led to her liver failing. A Kasai procedure was a short-lived blessing, and within weeks, Farhana’s health had deteriorated drastically, reaching end-stage liver disease.

Abused and abandoned by her husband, she’d been on the verge of taking her own life

“My sister had a huge weight on her shoulders that she didn’t want to burden us with. Hence why we had been in the dark about her abusive marriage, until the last moment. Her husband abandoned them when he found out about Farhana’s condition. As a single mother, she’d been pushed into a corner, and with no way to afford her daughter’s treatment, she was compelled to take a dire step. We found her in the nick of time.” - Imtiaz, Farhana’s uncle

Completely broken at the news of her daughter’s condition, this mother had lost her will to live. Desperate for a way out of the misery that life had put her through time and again, Ruqiya had been moments away from jumping off a bridge with Farhana in her arms, when her family managed to save her. 

Farhana needed a liver transplant, but it was completely out of her family’s reach

Farhana had to undergo a liver transplant, the cost of which was beyond her family’s means, and also added to Ruqiya’s worries. Unable to see his sister and niece suffer anymore, Imtiaz took over the responsibility for them, and saw to it that Farhana was able to start her treatment.

“From our hometown in Jammu & Kashmir, we travelled to Chennai to a hospital that could treat Farhana. I did everything in my power to ensure Farhana’s treatment continued without any disruptions… but it eventually got to a point where I was struggling to keep it going. All my financial resources had run dry and I had to be careful not to alert my sister about it for fear of how she might take it.” - Imtiaz

You became their ray of hope and saved Farhana

With no income and all assets dissolved, Imtiaz was in a difficult predicament, while Ruqiya had sold her jewellery and other valuables to fund her daughter’s treatment. They had run out of all options and were low on hope, when Imtiaz reached out for help and thousands of kind strangers heard his call.

Today, thanks to you and so many others who came together to support her in her fight against liver disease, 1-year-old Farhana is back to being her bubbly and playful self. Each day is a new adventure for the little girl, who has now started walking and running about on her own two feet, after being immobile for most of her life due to her debilitating disease.

“She’s such a joy to be around, and it warms my heart to hear her constant chatter. Her mother is so happy to have her back. After all she’d been through, Farhana was her only hope for a better life. The mother and daughter are inseparable and joined at the hip now. We thank you immensely for your support and prayers for our Farhana. Had it not been for you, I would not have my sister and my niece here with me today. We are eternally grateful to you.” - Imtiaz

Farhana was fortunate to have received your help on time, but many others suffering from chronic liver conditions are not as lucky. Millions of children suffer from unbearable pain and discomfort caused by their damaged liver, and their poor parents can do nothing but look on helplessly. If these little ones do not undergo a liver transplant within a specified time-frame, their lives are endangered. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures.

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