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With A Traumatic Past And Her Baby’s Life On The Line, This Single Mother Needs Your Help

“...we found her on a bridge, on the verge of committing suicide, with Farhana in her arms. My sister has gone through a lot - unspeakable abuse and years of mental trauma. This baby is all she has and is living for. She has lost two babies already, because of her husband. Now if she loses Farhana, she will not survive.” - Imtiaz, Farhana’s uncle

1-year-old baby Farhana suffers from chronic liver disease and needs an urgent liver transplant to survive. But this single mother and her family are struggling to afford the cure.

She had two miscarriages due to the physical abuse

Ruqiya got married in 2018. The person her family thought to be a caring and loving husband, turned out to be a monster. For years she experienced domestic abuse at his hands, but never had the courage to speak up. She was constantly beaten black and blue and dragged on staircases by her hair. All along, her family had been kept in the dark about it. They had been happy, assuming she was living her best life.

“She never told us. On phone calls, she would always seem happy and content with her in-laws. But the atrocities that man committed… my sister was preganent twice before Farhana and she lost both the babies because he would physically abuse herWhen Farhana was diagnosed with her disease just 10 days after her birth, Ruqiya's husband abandoned them.” - Imtiaz

Her liver is failing and she needs a transplant at the earliest

Farhana was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. The disease causes progressive damage to the liver, which has led to the little girl's liver failing. She had to undergo an urgent Kasai procedure, a surgery to recover from the disease but it was a short-lived blessing. Her condition only deteriorated with time and now, she is vomiting blood, reaching the end-stage of the disease.

“A liver transplant is her only option but my sister, being a diabetic patient, wasn’t an ideal donor. We went to so many hospitals looking for a cure and finally after multiple hospital admissions, tests and treatments, we found a hospital in Chennai. They said a robotic surgery can save my niece. But the cost of the transplant is something we can never afford.” - Imtiaz

Only you can help save Farhana

Imitiaz has been doing everything in his power to keep Farhana’s treatment going but he is failing now, unable to afford even the hospital visits anymore. He has been absent from work since March 2021 as he had to accompany his niece for her treatments. With no income and all assets dissolved, this family is in desperate need of help to save their little child.

“My sister sold all her jewellery, while I sold everything that held value at home and even begged and borrowed from everyone to come this far. But we are failing to continue any further. Please help us save Farhana”

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Patient Farhana Sameer is 1 year old, living in Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir
Being treated in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, chennai

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver cirrhosis

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