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The Disease That Killed Their Firstborn Is Threatening To Take Away Their Second Child Now

Zikar and Mumtaz are regular visitors to the mosque in their area. Every Thursday, both of them take their 3-year-old daughter, Inaaya there and pray for only one thing - Inaaya’s good health and long life. But for the last couple of weeks, there has been a break in their routine. Their only child’s liver is failing and she has only 15 days to get a life-saving liver transplant. The parents are trying their best but they’re afraid that they won’t be able to afford it.  

They have lost a child to the same disease, now Inaaya’s life is at stake

Inaaya was 3 months old when Zikar and Mumtaz noticed that she was gaining weight. Soon, she started having jaundice and her whole body turned yellow. She was also passing the white coloured stool.

“We were not new to these symptoms. They were very similar to what our firstborn was facing the same issues and when we took her to the hospital, we were told that her liver was completely damaged. There was nothing that we could have done except watch her slowly wither away in front of our eyes when she was just 6 months old. For days and months, we were inconsolable and finally when Inaaya came into our lives, we promised to do everything to save her. Yet now the same disease is threatening to take away my only daughter,” - Mumtaz, mother.  

Her entire body itches painfully - she can’t sleep at all 

Inaaya’s entire body itches - she can’t sleep at all. The little girl keeps itching till she bleeds, Mumtaz and Zikar have to stay up all night to stop her from scratching her skin. The itching is getting worse with every passing day and her stomach is swelling as well. The only way she can get better is with the help of an urgent transplant.

“I can’t look at her like this anymore. Why does she have to suffer like this, she is just 3! The doctors have said that the transplant is her only cure. Mumtaz is willing to donate her liver but how will we afford 20 lakhs?” - Zikar, father.  

Your support can save little Inaaya’s life

Zikar works in a small garment factory in Rajkot. The only earning member of this family, he is the one taking care of everyone’s needs - his aged mother, diabetic father and his sick child. Over the years, he has spent around 5 lakhs on Inaaya’s treatment. His savings are all exhausted and there is no one else who can help him with Inaaya’s treatment. You’re his only hope.

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Patient Enaaya is 3 years old, living in Rajkot, Gujarat
Being treated in NH SRCC Children's Hospital, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for liver cirrhosis

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