The Spotlight Is On This Tamil Film Technician As He Races To Save His 6-year-old Son | Milaap
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The Spotlight Is On This Tamil Film Technician As He Races To Save His 6-year-old Son

Life is seldom like a movie. In Umapathi’s case, life turned out to be a montage of several Tamil movie plots. Growing up in a small village, he aspired to work in the industry. He fell in love with a young girl, and they spent secret moments, sneaking into movies, talking behind a haystack, walking by a stream, or just watching each other across a crowd. Their love was forbidden, yet they braved the odds, got married and went on to have three children.

Umapathi scored a job as a lighting technician working on some of the best Tamil movies of the decade including Kaala and Kabali. He was making Rs. 800 for every day’s work. It was tough to provide for his family, yet, he was the happiest man in the town.

We say was because his life took a turn for the worse when his son was diagnosed with a terrible disease.

“I was always behind the lights, when they yelled Camera, Action! Today, if the spotlight is on me, it is to help me save my son.” – Umapathi, Lighting technician, Tamil Nadu

Ellavarasan (6) is the oldest of Umapathi's three children including Ellamaran (4), and Indumathi (2). He was born with biliary atresia, a common birth defect in the liver where the bile duct is absent or blocked. Years ago, Umapathi watched as the doctors wheeled his 2.5-month-old son into surgery, after consulting at the hospital for persistent jaundice. It was only during the recent scans they discovered that Ellavarasan's liver is shrinking.

The only option for Ellavarasan is a liver transplant. Ella needs a donor organ quickly, before the damage to his liver becomes deadly.

"People I worked with are helping. Actor Karthi knows about my situation. He gave me Rs. 50,000 for my son's tests. Today, I am going back home to my village. Nothing else can be done until I can arrange Rs. 87,000 for my wife's tests. After that, I have to get Rs. 18 lakhs for the transplant. Until then, I can just hug Ella and pray."

Umapathi knows that it will be too late for help if Ellavarasan starts showing visible symptoms of liver damage. He hopes he does not have to run to the local hospital or call an ambulance when his son starts vomiting blood. That would mean watching Ella suffer in pain, with a 50-50 chance of survival.

"He is used to the hospital, doctors, tests, and needles. He thinks it is a part of life. He does not ask any questions. He is not scared. He is not old enough to understand. He just plays with his balloon. I don't want him to be scared in life. I don't want him to lose his childhood."

Umapathi is not just concerned about saving his son's life, but also his innocence. He asks for help to prevent his son from slipping into a critical condition. He needs your support to give his own family a happy ending, one they will work to preserve all their life.

"People ask how serious is he? I tell them, I need help to keep him out of the ICU, to keep him from dying in the ICU. Please, he is just 6 years old. Help me, before it is too late."
Ellavarasan is the most mischievous boy you can meet. Your support can save him and his cheery spirit.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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