2-Year-Old Who Suffered Massive Head Injuries In Tragic Road Accident Needs Your Help | Milaap
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2-Year-Old Who Suffered Massive Head Injuries In Tragic Road Accident Needs Your Help

“The last words he spoke to me were ‘Appacha (grandpa), tata, I will see you later ok!’ Now he’s lying unconscious in the ICU. Sometimes, very rarely, he wakes up from his sedated state and cries. At that time, I tap his legs gently and tell him – Appachan is here, my child. I think he can hear me because he calms down then,”-Thomas, grandfather of 2-year-old Edgar.
Edgar and his family at the Christian religious site of Velankanni, one week before the accident

On January 20 this year, Baby Edgar, his father Sojan, mother Tia and brother Eric were going to a relative’s house on their scooter when a bike which was overtaking a truck brashly collided with them.  Edgar was sitting in the front toppled over from the vehicle, and hit his head on the ground. He and his injured parents were rushed to the hospital by bystanders. Now it has been 60 days since this baby boy has been in the ICU. Even though he was little and had just learnt to speak in full sentences, Edgar strongly believed in God as his family would regularly go to church. This is why his grandfather has placed a poster of Jesus Christ near his pillow on the hospital bed.

His parents are also just recovering and have not been able to visit him at the hospital

Sojan and Tia do not remember anything that happened after the accident as they had lost their consciousness too. The next thing they remember is waking up in the hospital in pain. Sojan had fractured his disc, left leg and fingers on the left hand. His wife had fractured both her legs and needed stitches on her forehead.. Tia’s right knee cap was also completely damaged. Thankfully, their elder child Eric escaped without injuries but they spent more than a month at the hospital, after which they were shifted home. They are still not able to walk on their own and are advised complete bed rest. And though they want to meet their baby in the hospital, their health simply does not allow them to.

“I only remember my baby’s smiling face. He was so happy that day – he was always so excited about going to meet people. Now my father is saying he looks completely different and that the shape of his head has changed. I can’t imagine it even – I cry all day just thinking about the pain he must be going through,”-Tia, mother

Many surgeries later, Edgar is still critical and needs your help

After he was rushed to the hospital, doctors found that Edgar had a fracture in his skull and severe brain injuries as well. He underwent an emergency surgery immediately. But four days later, he became completely breathless and was put on ventilator support. Fluid had begun accumulating in his skull for which he had yet another surgery. A tube was inserted in his brain to relieve pressure and also in his throat to clear his airways (tracheostomy). Currently he is on antibiotics as he also suffered from multiple episodes of fever. He is very critical and without his parents’ help, his maternal grandfather, Thomas is struggling all alone to save him.

“His father is an electrician who used to earn a modest income before the accident made him bedridden. But he had no savings – we spent almost Rs 14 lakhs on hospital bills alone by selling our jewellery and taking loans from neighbors. I am unemployed and old, but I am the only person who can help them now. I stay at the hospital all day and night guarding Edgar, so I have no way to arrange the money needed to continue his ICU treatment,”-Thomas
With your kind help, this grandfather will be able to save his critical grandson and take him back home to his ailing parents who are dying to meet him      

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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