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6-Year-Old Left Mute And Immobile Due To Multiple Illnesses, She Needs Your Help

"She wasn't born like this. Divya was 11 months old when she started walking, but it lasted for only five months. Today, she cannot walk, nor stand or speak. It hurts my heart to see my daughter like this. I have to take care of her at all times as she cannot be by herself for even a minute.” – Namita, mother

6-year-old Divya faces difficulty in just standing up, let alone walking on her own. According to doctors, she suffers from several illnesses that have also left her mute. She has episodic encephalopathy, a brain disease affecting brain function; sulfite oxidase deficiency, an inborn error of the metabolism of sulfated amino acids; acute symptomatic seizures, and vitamin D insufficiency.

Bedridden and immobile, she can barely utter two words 

"I am perpetually scared as my daughter cannot speak. She cannot express anything and is generally bedridden. While cooking, I constantly think about the prospect of her falling down while trying to get down from the bed. My daughter’s condition requires me to be alert, and keeps me on my toes at all times." - Namita

Divya was born a normal child, and hit all her milestones. Her growth and development too was at the right pace. But it all changed when at 18 months, a series of illnesses forced the girl to remain bedridden. Her parents were bewildered by the sudden change in their daughter’s health, and immediately sought out doctors to treat her.

She can get better with treatment, but it is beyond her parents' means 

The doctors have said that she will need long term treatment and have even told us that it will cost a lot of money – money that we don’t have. My husband is an auto-rickshaw driver, and we survive on his monthly income of 5,000 rupees. It is because of our strained finances that our daughter’s treatment is far from our reach. I have had to sell my jewellery to provide for her treatment, and now we are debt-ridden, with nothing left.” - Namita
Namita rues the fact that her daughter has only called her 'mother' twice till date. Divya is able to pronounce ‘papa’ to call out to her father, but has said ‘ma’ just twice. This mother longs to hear her daughter call out to her fondly.  

Divya also shows interest in playing with other kids, but she seldom finds company because of her condition.

“It’s not that our child is mentally disabled, or handicapped. She looks at children her age and wishes to play with them. But because of her limitations, none of the other children are welcoming towards her. She can’t speak or walk, and so they keep her at arm’s length.” - Namita

Divya’s parents are hoping that this life changing treatment will enable her to stand up and walk on her feet again. But at INR 20 lakhs, it is way beyond their means to afford. They are seeking your help to get their daughter the treatment she needs. Click here to donate.
Patient Divya Sharma is 5 years old, living in Ranchi, Jharkhand
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Inborn error of metabolism

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