Relatives Asked This Mother To Let Her Son Die Of Liver Cancer, But She Refuses To Give Up | Milaap
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Relatives Asked This Mother To Let Her Son Die Of Liver Cancer, But She Refuses To Give Up

"Our relatives told us to let him die. They said I’m still young and can have another child soon. So instead of spending money on the liver transplant he needs, they told us to let it be…to let him die at home. How can a mother let her own son die in front of her eyes? I will never give up on him,” says Dishanth’s mother

Unfortunately, Dishanth has just 5 days left to get a liver transplant, and his parents have nothing left to save him.

A year before, Baby Dishanth Denito was taken to the hospital because he had a swollen abdomen. The doctors told the parents that its nothing serious and the abdominal mass could be due to him eating mud while playing outdoors. After two days, his condition got severe and he was crying all through the night in pain

He was rolling on the bed holding his swollen stomach with his tiny hands

They found out that Deni has hepatoblastoma, a liver cancer that occurs in children. The doctors suggested that he would need surgery and 8 cycles of Chemotherapy to survive. Baby Dishanth has already undergone 6 cycles of chemo and is awaiting a crucial surgery in a few days where his liver will be replaced with a healthy liver.

Those who were supposed to help them backed out at the last minute

Dishanth's parents have gone to everyone for help. Some people came forward to help, but soon backed out after they found out he had cancer. Many even asked them to stop fighting and move on with their lives. But Arokiyaraj is not one to give up.

Arokiya Raj has left his job in the city to take care of his son. He has sold most of his farmland in the village and his wife’s jewellery to pay for the initial treatment. He manages the daily expenses and pays the interest for his debts from the little money he gets from the remaining agricultural land. Deni’s parents are ready to fight any battle to keep their little boy alive but they need your help.

Your kind contribution can save this baby’s life before it is too late. Without your help, they can never see their beloved son again.

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