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Despite Bleeding C-Section Scars, This Helpless Mother Kept Working To Save Her Son From Liver Failure

When I gave birth to Dishan I was not in my senses, but I heard the doctor murmur something to my husband. My baby's skin was oddly discoloured and his eyes seemed yellow, but they assured me he was fine. But since then, the yellow tinge has only gotten darker because his liver is malfunctioning. My husband put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears doing every possible odd job, to save for Dishan’s surgery. But his disease is so grave that all our money was used up in medical tests alone.

That’s when, on the fifth day of my postpartum, I decided to start working as a daily labourer too, because I could no longer bear hearing my child’s painful cries. My distressed husband pleaded with me to rest when he saw my fresh cesarean scars bleed from the pressure. But my desperation to save my only child anyhow made him helplessly give in to my demands.

His jaundice has scarred his liver beyond repair

“Don’t worry Deboshree, jaundice is common in newborns and the doctor said it will clear out on its own within a few days. Our son would be healthy again even before you know it”, my husband would say to comfort me, but even he knew that wasn't truly the case. It's been a year now and I fail to understand why my son got so unlucky for his jaundice to worsen such an extent.

How can my son’s fragile body undergo surgery at just 2 months old?

More than our home, I have had to keep my son in the ICU to constantly monitor his dangerously high bilirubin levels and swollen belly. He would keep throwing up my milk and that made him drastically lose weight. “We have to perform a Kasai surgery on him because his bile ducts are blocked and that is why his liver could be malfunctioning”, the doctor told us.

Just imagining that my son would have to go under the knife at just two months old just shattered me. Post surgery, instead of recovering, his health only worsened. He became critical and was admitted to the ICU for 15 days. 

I had heard about organs failing in adults but I never knew it could happen in newborns too. My Dishan has just entered the world and is barely a year old, but I had to digest the bitter truth about his persistent jaundice, which was scarring his liver all this while, leading to failure.

A liver transplant is the only way to help my child needs survive now

Even before our Dishan was born, my husband had labelled 2 money jars for Dishan - for his education and future. But today when he said to me, “I could never imagine that a day would come where I would be spending all of it only to keep my son alive”, it just broke my heart into pieces. I had never seen him cry like this ever before.

With a transplant, he can be cured of this condition. But seeing 23 lakhs written on his medical bills has left me trembling in fear at the thought of losing him. This transplant is beyond our reach, despite my husband being a donor, and that terrifies us all the more.

A year ago, things were so different for me and my husband. We had purchased a small plot of land to build our own little home to welcome Dishan. But this major financial crunch made us sell off our dream home in the middle of its construction. Our son has spent all his moments in the hospital and we just long to take him back home, healthy and happy.

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Patient dishan das is 1 year old, living in Malda, West Bengal
Being treated in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary Atresia

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