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2-Year-Old Faints And Becomes Unresponsive Every Time He Misses Treatment, He Needs Your Help To Beat Cancer

"We took him to the hospital thinking one medicine would make him fit again, instead he was hospitalized with back to back tests but no concrete diagnosis. His extremely low blood count had blurred his senses and also resulted in burning fever. None of us could understand what he was saying."- Papiya, mother 

Within those 15 days, Baby Dipayan had completely stopped talking and moving. Despite multiple blood transfusions, he still had no energy left and that got his parents extremely worried. They could have hardly imagined that all these were actually lurking symptoms of his blood cancer. After 8 months of back-to-back scans, his reports had confirmed the presence of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

2-year old Dipayan's cancer started in his bone marrow where the leukemia cells started crowding and impaired his body's ability to make healthy blood cells. This cancer has put him at a high risk of infection because cancer cells have completely weakened his immune system. He needs chemotherapy to continue fighting his cancer, but that is becoming a struggle for these helpless parents.

Every passing day is a struggle to keep this baby in senses 

"With chemotherapy, my son started showing some improvement but at times we have to helplessly delay it, as we run out of funds. Every time that happens, his fever spikes and he faints. He does not respond to our calls then, and lies still. This happens for many hours. His mouth is so full of ulcers, that it makes him shriek in pain whenever I feed him. Right now, I'm just endlessly waiting for my husband to come back from the village with some money, so that we can start his treatment again. Now, with nothing more left for us to sell, all my hopes are getting crushed."- Papiya, mother 

This father is not even able to comfort his son properly  

Unfortunately, fighting this deadly disease has not only taken a toll on him physically but this little boy also needs to be in isolation, which means he has to stay away from his father too.

"It is devastating to stay away from my son in such a crisis but that's the need of the hour. I have to go out to get his medicine supplies and funds from here and there. If I go near him and god forbid he catches even a minor infection from me…it can even take his life away. My wife keeps crying but I can't even go and comfort her. I try so hard to be strong, it breaks me down to see my child suffer terribly."- Deepak, father

How can running a small laundry shop in the village fund his treatment now?

Deepak travels back to his village every other week because earnings from his small laundry shop have not been able to keep up with Dipayan's medical bills. He comes back with loans but all of it seems to finish off in just one protocol of chemotherapy. To keep his son's treatment going, he needs INR 12 lakhs more and this is making this young father extremely worried and stressed.

Only your generosity can help these parents support his son's cancer treatment 
Patient Baby Dipayan Das is 18 days old, living in Bankra, West Bengal
Being treated in Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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