10-Year-Old Donated His Prize Money To Save Others, Now Has No One To Save Him | Milaap
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10-Year-Old Donated His Prize Money To Save Others, Now Has No One To Save Him

Amsavalli was inconsolable as she sat beside her unconscious son, Dhayananth, in the ambulance. She was shaking his body…asking him to wake up and see his amma. She thought she had lost her son. The doctors, however, told her that there is hope. But Dhayananth needs an immediate liver transplant - that's his only chance at survival.

While talking about him she shows us a piece of a newspaper clipping.

“He has always made us proud. From being a topper in his class to winning state-level prizes in swimming. Once he won a state-level swimming competition. But my 10-year-old son donated his prize money for families of soldiers who were martyred in the Pulwama attack. My husband and I had tears of happiness in our eyes then. But now…he is lying in the hospital bed speechless. He hasn’t opened his eyes in a week and if he doesn’t get the transplant soon…my Dhayananth will leave us forever” – Amsavalli, mother.

Dhayananth was a healthy child but a normal fever two months back turned out to be a life-threatening condition for this boy.

In a matter of a few days, Dhayananth got very critical

“We gave him medicine but the fever did not subside. He started vomiting continuously. He had gone to the toilet and didn’t return even after 15 minutes. Panicked, I rushed to check on him…he was leaning against the wall. His legs were wobbling…he couldn’t take a step and was looking drowsy. It’s when I noticed that his stools were grey and I knew something grave is troubling my child’s health” – Murugesh, father

In a few minutes, Dhaya passed out and he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. There he was diagnosed to have liver failure and the only option suggested to save him now is a liver transplant. His tummy has started swelling overnight and he is now treated for stability and fed through tubes.

"Dhaya loved helping everyone and now when he is fighting for life, no one is ready to help him back"

"My wife and I are not matched donors for Dhaya. And no one from our family is ready to be his donor…we are counting on a cadaver liver. It’s my son’s only possibility at life” – Murugesh, father

From the admission charges to medicines for Dhaya’s treatment, he has spent around 8 lakhs till now. Murugesh is a teacher and he hasn’t gone to work in three months due to his son’s treatment.

“I have already taken loans and mortgaged my wife’s jewels to treat him. His cadaver liver may come any minute but my child will get a transplant only if I pay the full amount. 35 lakhs is something beyond my means…but I’m trying. Every day I make calls to my colleagues, friends and family hoping to borrow some money. But no one is generous enough to help me," - Murugesh, father.

 Only your kind contributions can save Dhayananth’s life now. You are this parent's only hope in giving their son a life-saving liver transplant.