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This 5-year-old With Cancer Doesn't Know She Will Be Confined To The Hospital For 1 Year

"She is in hospital for more than 2 months now, we have told her that she has got a 'bad thing' in her body and we can go go home only after taking that out from her. She doesn't let us to sit even for a minute, we keep running behind her. In a blink, she pulls the bed sheets and curtains in the room. She hates that chemo makes her weak. When doctors give her injections, she asks them "Doctor uncle, have I become stronger now? when can I go home?" She does not know that she'll be confined to hospital for the next 1 year." - Chandan, father.

Just a day before starting preschool, she got a high fever

On Jan 1st, when everyone was celebrating the New Year, Dhatitri got a high fever and she could not even get up from her bed. The next day, she is supposed to start her preschool and she was all set for it, she got a new school bag and pencil box. She could not go. She was extremely upset. 

Her fever did not subside for the next 15 days. Her parents took her to a local clinic in their hometown Bardhaman, West Bengal. To their shock, she was diagnosed with cancer that affects her bone marrow. They were asked to take her to Kolkata for better treatment.

She's fighting hard to be the active little girl, she does not like that chemo makes her weak

"She has completed 5 chemo cycles. She has good days and bad days. Today is a bad day when she feels extremely weak, vomits and suffers from body pain. Rest of the days, she is quite naughty, creating a havoc in the cancer ward. The nurses run behind her all the time. We have to just hug and hold her on the bed to stop her from exerting herself." - Monomita, Mother.

'I was about to take a job after 6 months of unemployment'

Chandan was a Goldsmith in Gujarat, he was earning Rs 20,000. He came to Bardhaman, his native town after his father's death and he thought he'll manage to find a job there but he did not for more than 6 months. He managed all the expense with his savings and with the help of his relatives. Just then when he was about to take a new job, Dhatitri was diagnosed with cancer. With absolutely no income, he cannot afford the treatment that costs 5 lakhs.

"This hospital does not charge for the room, my friends are helping me to buy medicines and food. She needs to continue chemo for next 1 year to recover completely. She is our only child, she is so hopeful that we'll take her home. I can't fail her, please help me to save her." - Chandan.

 5-year-old Dhatitri, a cheerful girl who stays positive despite the painful treatment needs your help to go back home and live a normal life like any other children.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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