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This 2-Year-Old's Disease Is Growing Stronger, And He Is Unable To Put Up A Fight

It was Sonal’s first pregnancy and the entire family was very excited to welcome home. To add on to their happiness, they had twins, a baby girl and a boy. Everything was going well but just when the twins turned one, the baby boy – Dhairya – started falling sick.

“His skin colour started to change, and also began flaking off a little. He started to itch and scratch until it bled and sometimes he wouldn't even stop at that. When his blood test was done, his platelet count was just 5% of what it should've been. Since that moment onward, he has needed to be admitted in the hospital multiple times, for some or the other reason...” - Sonal, mother

It took one year to diagnose his disease

Initially, blood tests and bone marrow tests were done suspecting that it could be thalassemia or blood cancer, but nothing showed in the results. After innumerable tests and visiting several hospitals, after one long year, Dhairya was diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.

Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome is a very rare immunodeficiency disease. In this, patients are susceptible to infections and they have frequent problems of abnormal bleeding. The bleeding problems are the result of unusually small, dysfunctional platelets.

We had to get off the train and rush him to the nearest hospital to save him

“We were on our way to Chennai for his regular checkup by train. We had just reached Mumbai when his nose started to bleed profusely and he started vomiting. We had to get down and rush to the nearest hospital. I was so scared that I would lose him. Now, I don’t want to delay his treatment even for a minute... but we are helpless.” - Sonal

Only a bone marrow transplant can save him

“The doctors told us that a bone marrow transplant is the only cure for him. Time kept passing by and we couldn’t find a fully matched donor. Dhairya was getting weaker and weaker each day, and one morning he couldn’t get up from his bed… When I helped him a little to stand, he tried to walk but he fell immediately. His disease is growing stronger and we are unable to put up a fight…” - Sonal

The doctors now have suggested going with the next best alternative – a half-matched family donor. Luckily Rinkal, her father, has bone marrow that can save Dhairya.

The transplant will cost them 25 lakh rupees, which these poor parents can’t afford. Rinkal works in a factory as an employee, and his income is nowhere close to what is required.

“My husband can’t be here with us, he is running pillar to post, begging for help to save Dhairya. He doesn’t miss a day at his work even if he is very sick. Every penny is so important for us right now…” - Sonal

Your generous contributions can save Dhairya's life and he can go back to his twin sister. Without your help, he might not be able to survive.