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This 22-year-old Will Lose His Life if He Does Not Get a Kidney Transplant

22-year-old Derin Paul has end-stage Kidney Disease. He underwent a liver transplant two months back and now he has to undergo a kidney transplant at the earliest. Diagnosed with a terrible condition, till he gets a new kidney, Derin is fighting for his life.

He was advised to undergo liver and kidney transplant to survive

He was diagnosed with Elevated Liver Enzymes when he was 2-years-old

When Derin was just 2-year- old, he was diagnosed with Elevated Liver Enzymes, meaning his liver cells leak higher than the normal amounts of certain enzymes. Since then, he has been taking medications for the ailment. He was hopeful he would recover completely but life had other plans for him.

A year back he had severe abdominal pain, fatigue, and nausea. He was diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney disease as a result of which his liver and kidney are damaged. He was advised to undergo liver and kidney transplant as a life-saving procedure.

He discontinued his studies and now his condition is deteriorating quickly

Derin was totally shattered. He completed his degree in a government college and was waiting to do his Master's degree but his dream of becoming a teacher seems impossible. Being on dialysis thrice a week is a challenge both physically and financially. His health is getting worse and performing daily activities is becoming difficult.

Derin has discontinued his studies and his parents are struggling to meet the expense

“It is painful to see my parents struggling at this age. They can't sleep at night. I want to start working and give my father some rest. Now, I’m worried that I’ll never be able to do that,” says Derin.

His parents have spent almost all they had for the treatment and they need to spend more to save his life

Derin Paul is the only child of Paulraj and Shailaja. His parents are heartbroken to see their son battling for life. His mother Shailaja donated a part of her liver and she is also the donor for the kidney transplant. They were worried about his health from his childhood, but they never thought that he would end up in such a terrible condition.

His father works a clerk and now he has quit his job to take care of him

Derin Paul comes from a very poor family. His father Paulraj works as a clerk in a private school and the family depends on his meager salary. Despite all the troubles, Paulraj always managed to get Derin proper treatment for his delicate health. It is so unfortunate that all his efforts failed and he is still falling short of funds to save Derin.

“He is only in his 20s, he is yet to see and do so many things in his life. He is smart, and down to earth. Every one likes him and he deserves a normal life. It is unfortunate that I’m not able to help him at this critical moment,” says Paulraj.

Only a kidney transplant can save Derin and his parents cannot afford it

How you can help

Paulraj was earning Rs 7,000 per month. He managed to support his family with this meager amount. He has quit his job to take care of his son. He has already spent all the money he had on treatment. He has rented a room in Chennai because Derin needs dialysis thrice a week. Expenses are mounting up and they can’t even dream about arranging money for the transplant. He needs Rs 8 lakhs for the kidney transplant. Only your contributions can save Derin now.

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