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Parents Who Narrowly Escaped Death Are Now Fighting To Save Their 4-year-old Daughter's Life

"I scolded her and told her to keep quiet because everyone was complaining about her talkativeness. Today, my daughter cannot say a word and lies motionlessly. I am heartbroken." - Deepika
Devendran is an M.Com graduate who used to work at a bank. Deepika is also an M.Com, MSW graduate who used to work as a consultant. Until 3 years ago, they led a comfortable and happy life. Devendran met with an accident. He survived but lost his job during recovery. Deepika had a fire accident while cooking for her family. She survived too. They had no income, which forced Devendran to work as a driver. Just as they were repaying medical expense debts, their 4-year-old daughter, Davathi fell sick. She now lies in the ICU struggling to even breathe. The parents are uncertain if they can save their daughter.

'Nobody would have believed that she had a brain tumor'

4-year-old Davathi is an outgoing student. She’s also very chatty and often gets into trouble for it. Two weeks ago, she began vomiting constantly. Even with medication, she got worse. In 3 days, she began vomiting even water and medicines. She was extremely weak and by the time they rushed her to a hospital, Davathi fell unconscious.

Davathi dressed as former Chief Minister (late) Jayalalitha for a fancy dress competition

"Doctors said that she has a brain tumor. Also she had an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. There was no time to lose. She was rushed into surgery immediately." - Deepika.

It has been a week since Davathi was moved to the ICU

Davathi was taken to ICU soon after the surgery. She developed respiratory issues post-surgery and has been hooked to a ventilator ever since. She cannot speak or move. Also, she can do is nod yes or no to questions.

“She is terrified of the cold unfamiliar hospital room. There is a machine helping her breathe. She has a shunt in her brain to drain fluid. Unable to vocalize her pain, she just stares blankly. Sometimes it is like my chatty daughter has disappeared.” – Deepika

'She refuses to come home afraid that she might lose Davathi if she steps away'

Deepika has not left the hospital since the day her daughter was admitted. She sleeps in the lobby area near the reception. Every day she stands near her daughter, crying helplessly, and reassuring her daughter that they can go home together soon.

"We survived, but we are not sure that our daughter will"

“The truth is that this fight is far from over. She is still critical. She needs to be in the ICU longer, on the ventilator longer. She needs these doctors to examine her every day. She needs to recover. That will take time. We have time, but we don’t have money.” - Devendran
Devendran has been working night and day to pay for medical expenses. He has borrowed Rs. 70,000 already for surgery and ICU bills. Davathi needs to stay in the hospital for two more weeks and that will cost Rs. 6.5 Lakhs.
The parents now fear that God spared their lives but will take their daughter away. Your contribution can help them bring their baby girl home.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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