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8-Year-Old Left With Severe Burns After A Tragic Accident, Cries And Begs For Relief

Disclaimer: Some readers may find the included images to be distressing or graphic in nature. Please exercise caution while proceeding. 

Urgent: Without proper treatment, her chances of survival are low

“I had placed a container on the stove and stepped away from the room for a few minutes. But when I returned, flames were engulfing the gas cylinder. Desperately, I tried to turn off the gas and put out the fire, but I couldn’t. In sheer panic, I ran to the terrace to ask for help, but it was too late. I hadn’t known that my daughter had been in the room, until I heard her screams… When the cylinder exploded, she got caught in the flames.” - Kulsumara the 8-year-old child’s mother

Ajam and Kulsumara’s 8-year-old daughter’s life has been turned upside down by burns from a cylinder explosion.  Admitted in the paediatric ICU, receiving intensive care and high-end antibiotics, she wishes and prays for the pain to vanish, so she can have a chance at a better life.

Once a pretty little girl, she’s become completely unrecognisable now

That fateful afternoon, the child had just returned home from school, when she was met with the horrifying sight of their house in flames. Despite the danger, she remained by the entrance, fearing her mother was still inside. It was at that moment that the cylinder explosion occurred, engulfing the young child in the flames that would forever change her life.

“We rushed to the doctor, desperate to save her life. The doctor told us that her condition was critical, with 50% of her body covered in burns. Each day at the hospital, she endures excruciating pain during her dressing sessions, screaming and crying relentlessly. I can only stand by and watch, feeling utterly helpless at her suffering.She's my only child; my very reason for living. She was such a pretty little girl, but she looks unrecognisable now.” - Kulsumara, weeping

Her squeals of laughter feel like a distant memory, overshadowed by her cries of pain

"My little girl, the light of our lives, used to love studying and now, every day, she asks the doctor when she can return to school. She used to fill our home with laughter, leaping and playing with boundless joy. But now, she’s become quiet and cries while suffering from unbearable itching and pain from the blisters and burns. Her memory of that dreadful day is hazy, so she doesn’t quite remember what happened. But she constantly pleads with us to end her suffering and remove her bandages so she can go home… I will never be able to forgive myself if something happens to my child." - Kulsumara

At this moment, he is overwhelmed by poverty and his inability to save his daughter

The child’s road to recovery is challenging, and she urgently needs a PICU stay for an extended period, lasting around 4 to 5 weeks, alongside essential surgeries and hospitalisation. The anticipated cost for these critical treatments amounts to approximately INR 10 lakhs. While one surgery has been completed, several more stages of surgery are crucial for her path to healing.

Ajam is just a humble tailor, struggling to make ends meet. On good days, he manages to earn INR 200-300, but says that even INR 50 feels like a win on other days. His daughter has already spent a month under the care of the hospital, and his savings have been entirely depleted.

When she cries from the pain, she’s usually calling out 'papa' in agony, and my heart aches beyond words because of her pain. She is my sole reason for living, and the thought of losing her is unbearable. The doctor's words cut deep; they say her chances of survival are slim. I pleaded with him to do whatever it takes to save my precious daughter. But, we lack the means to continue her treatment…. Please, help us save our only child, our world." - Ajam, father, sobbing bitterly

Ajam and Kulsumara extend an earnest plea to everyone in this critical moment. Your contribution isn't just a donation; it's a chance at life.

Identity of the child is protected in adherence with government guidelines.
Patient Daughter Of Md Ajam Rizvi is 8 years old, living in Jharkhand, Jharkhand
Being treated in Devkamal Hospital And Research Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Receiving PICU Care treatment for First Degree Burn / Superficial burns

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