Only Urgent Liver Transplant Within A Few Hours Can Save This 19-Year-Old Who Worked As Mason To Save Himself | Milaap
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Only Urgent Liver Transplant Within A Few Hours Can Save This 19-Year-Old Who Worked As Mason To Save Himself

“My son who is suffering with a liver disease used to tell me every morning ‘I know death is haunting me but I’ll soon defeat it and live to take care of you’. He worked hard along with his father as a mason despite his severe condition. But instead of saving money we ended up neck-deep in debt to purchase medicines alone once in every three months. Today, his liver is completely damaged and he is on the brink of death. Without urgent liver transplant within a few hours, we will lose our son forever, please help us,” - Janakidevi, Manikanta’s mother.

Despite his poor health, Manikanta worked in a construction site for 3 years 

When Manikanta was just 8-years-old he was diagnosed with liver disease. To buy some time to afford the transplant, he was relying on medicines that costed Rs 15,000 once in every three months. He discontinued his education when he completed his 10th grade, he started sharing his father’s burden by working along with him. Now his condition worsened to a state that he needs urgent transplant within a few hours.

“My son was brave to join work. His poor health hardly supported him but he never backed-off from hard labour. He used to take care of himself and never bothered us with anything. Even when he was weak, he came to work. I used to weep silently when I look at him lifting the weights in the construction site. For the first time in my life, I despised myself for being poor. I just want him to be alive, otherwise all the hard work he did would go in vain,” - Srinivas, Manikanta’s father.

Without liver transplant in a few hours, Manikanta will soon succumb to the disease

19-year-old Manikanta is suffering from decomposed chronic liver disease, a condition which replaces healthy liver tissues with scarred tissues. This stops the liver from working normally. His liver has completely failed and only urgent liver transplant within a few hours can save Manikanta.

“A couple of months ago, his liver was completely filled with fluids, they had to drain it using medicines. And now he looks like there is no flesh left in his body. He is so weak that I feed him myself. Even a slight movement gives him severe stomach pain and it never allows him to sleep. When he holds me and cries in pain, my helplessness makes me hate myself. Just watching my son crying and doing nothing is the hardest thing for a mother,” - Janakidevi.

A screw in Manikanta’s leg left him in a vulnerable situation

When Manikanta was working in the construction site, he accidentally stepped on a rusty screw and he did not realise it. Three months ago, he was unable to walk and cried with terrible leg pain. When they consulted a doctor, the scanning reports revealed that the screw went deep into his leg and caused severe infection.

“We were told that he needed immediate surgery as the infection is spreading and only when it is removed he can undergo liver transplant. I begged everyone I know to help me. People who worked along with me knew my son well. He was a good friend to everyone. They helped me pay for his leg surgery but now he has another bigger battle to fight,” - Srinivas.

Manikanta is only a few hours away from the life-saving transplant and can be saved only with help

Srinivas is a daily wage labourer who works in a construction site as a mason. He barely earns Rs 300 a day. Along with him, Manikanta used to earned Rs 100 a day. The parents used to eat once in a day and saved the money to afford the medication. Liver transplant is the last resort to save Manikanta which should take place in a few hours, it costs 25 lakhs.

“My elder son is ready to be the donor, we are all determined to save him. But the expenses are overwhelming. We are already in huge debt, I borrowed and spent 11 lakhs until now. Everyone I know have helped me in some or the other way, now there is nobody left to ask for help. There is hardly anytime left and without urgent transplant he will soon die. I beg you to help us, please,” - Srinivas.

Manikanta needs to undergo the liver transplant within a few hours, this stands as his last resort. Your kind contribution can save him.

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