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You Gifted This Young Boy A New Life By Supporting His Liver Transplant, Now You Can Help Others Like Him

From growing up in poverty, to being forced to quit studies to support his family, 19-year-old Manikanta had lived a difficult life. He was already struggling to afford medicines he needed to consume to survive when his liver became 100% damaged, and put him in a critical condition overnight.

“The haunting memories of those days are still fresh in my mind. My son would tell me every morning ‘I know death is approaching, but I’ll soon defeat it and live to take care of you’. His liver was completely damaged and he was on the brink of death,” - Janakidevi, Manikanta’s mother.

Despite his poor health, Manikanta continued working as a mason until he couldn't anymore 

Manikanta was just 8 years old when he was diagnosed with liver disease. He needed medicines costing Rs 15,000 every three months. He discontinued his education when he completed his 10th grade, and was working as a mason, trying his best to support his family. Even when pain and discomfort would take over him from time to time, he would not flinch. Until his liver damage worsened to the extent that he couldn’t even get up from bed anymore.

“He used to take care of himself and never bothered us with anything. Even when he was weak, he went to work. I used to weep silently when I would see him lifting weights at the construction site. For the first time in my life, I despised myself for being poor. I just want him to be alive, otherwise all the hard work he did would go in vain,” - Srinivas, Manikanta’s father.

With just a few hours left to get a transplant, his parents were scrambling for funds to save him

19-year-old Manikanta was suffering from decomposed chronic liver disease, a condition which replaces healthy liver tissues with scar tissue. This stops the liver from working normally. His liver had completely failed, and only an urgent liver transplant within a few hours could save Manikanta.

“His stomach was completely filled with fluid, they had to drain it using medicines. And he was reduced to all skin and bones. He was so weak that I fed him myself. Even a slight movement gave him severe stomach pain and it didn’t allow him to even sleep. To make matters worse, he had a severe infection in his leg from an injury at the worksite. His whole body was slowly shutting down,” - Janakidevi.

Manikanta was saved right in time, all thanks to your love and kindness

Manikanta’s father, Srinivas, a daily wage labourer, barely earns Rs 300 a day. Along with him, Manikanta used to earn Rs 100 a day when he was actively working. Despite going hungry for days and saving up every paisa, his poor family could not even arrange a small percentage of the money required for the transplant which cost INR 25 lakhs. That is when supportive and considerate donors like you came to this family’s aid.

“My elder son was ready to be the donor, we were all determined to save him. But the expenses were overwhelming and we were already in debt. Within hours after learning about our child, you stepped up and contributed as much as you could. We were able to raise the funds required immediately, and get the transplant in motion. Without you, we would have lost him. Today, he is healthy and active, and full of zest for life. We include you in our prayers and will continue to do so for as long as we live,” - Srinivas.

Manikanta was fortunate to have received your help on time, but many others suffering from chronic liver conditions are not as lucky. Millions of children suffer from unbearable pain and discomfort caused by their damaged liver, and their poor parents can do nothing but look on helplessly. If these little ones do not undergo a liver transplant within a specified time-frame, their lives are endangered. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures.

You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Liver Transplant Corpus fund, which will ensure that no child suffering from end-stage liver disease is left behind.

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