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She Risked Her Life To Save Others, Now Weakened By Covid She Fights To Survive

For most of her lifetime, 57-year-old Chhaya Kamble has been a true picture of selflessness and hard work. A nurse by profession, she dedicated well over 3 decades to care for patients that came to the hospital seeking medical help. She saved so many lives with her compassionate touch, not knowing the cruel fate that would befall her one day.

In April, earlier this year, Chhaya tested positive for the Covid-19 while on duty looking after patients, and only days later, her condition worsened. Now, Chhaya’s lungs are damaged beyond repair, and she needs a lung transplant, at the earliest, to live.

Days after she tested positive, her symptoms became severe

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chhaya had stood on the frontline and braved the fight against Covid-19. Despite the dangers, she prioritized the lives of her patients above her own, duty-bound to her profession to save people. Just when the second-wave wreaked havoc across the country, Chhaya tested positive for the virus.

“As a nurse, she had routine tests and checkups which would all usually come back negative. When this one came back positive, she wasn’t all that surprised and remained in the hospital so she could recover. But less than two weeks later, her health deteriorated to the point that even walking a few steps would cause breathlessness. We started getting extremely worried, especially when the medicines given to her were not working and her breathing difficulties persisted. We couldn’t even begin to grasp how things got so out of hand, so quick” - Pratik, son

Chhaya with husband, Prabhakar Kamble.

She’s in critical condition and needs urgent lung transplant

“While her condition is now stable, she is still critical. The doctors told us she couldn’t breathe on her own because her lungs are damaged and needs to be on ventillator support. Initially, when she was conscious she would talk to us. But now she has to be sedated because of her breathing difficulties and we haven’t heard her voice in weeks. The only way she can recover is if she gets a lung transplant, as soon as possible, which we are unable to arrange right now because of financial strains. Where do we possibly get 40 lakh rupees from?"

Having used up everything they had, they’re struggling to save Chhaya

“All our lives we’ve seen our mother clad in her uniform, overflowing with affection and humility for her patients. She saved so many people with her work; it made us immensely proud. For her selfless service during the pandemic she was even dubbed a ‘Covid Warrior’ and felicitated by the collector of Alibag. Now seeing her like this, hooked to all these machines, just kills me. She is a strong and resilient woman and I know she is fighting this with all she’s got."

Chhaya may be the backbone of the hospital as its head nurse, but she is also the support system of her family that has fallen apart during her absence. Her husband, Prabhakar, a retired officer, is devastated to see her like this. While her sons, both private employees, have gone above and beyond their capacity to afford her treatment so far. But with no resources left, they are struggling to save their mother.

Chhaya’s family hasn’t been able to be by her side because of Covid-19 restrictions. They just want her home, hearty and hale like she used to be. You can make that happen. Your contribution can get Chhaya the transplant that she needs to live. Click here to donate.
Patient Chhaya Kamble is 57 years old, living in Alibag, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jaslokh, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Lungs transplant

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