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This 2-year-old Girl Is Battling For Her Life After A Fall From The 3rd Floor

"I watched a CCTV video of my daughter fall from the 3rd floor. I felt helpless and angry at myself for not being there for her. I don't understand why something keeps happening to my children, whether my karma is affecting them. This is the worst punishment a father can get, and the worst pain a child can go through."

2-year-old Bindhu Sri accidentally slipped and fell off the 3rd-floor balcony of their residential apartment in Bengaluru at 5:30 PM on 10th May. She suffered severe brain trauma and was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby and then shifted to Manipal Hospital where she has been undergoing treatment in the PICU. Bindhu needed urgent neurosurgical intervention to treat the injury and has been under observation ever since.

We are already a troubled family

Bindhu lives with her father, Hiranya Gowda, mother, Bhagya and her older brother, Purushottama, in Banaswadi. Hiranya works as a cook in 5 households making Rs. 15,000/month to support his family. He also doubles as a masseuse serving patients who require oil massage for pain management. Hiranya does as much as he can to pay for his son's medical treatment.

"Purushottama was born with a problem in his backbone. As he was growing it became more evident and troubled him. It looked like a snake instead of being straight. We went through two surgeries. He needs one more, and until then, he has to go for injection every week, medicines and physiotherapy."

It was a terrible accident

While this was already weighing upon the family, yet another tragedy struck. Purushottama loves his baby sister. She would tag along wherever he went, and he would play with her for a good part of his day. That fateful day, they were on the 4th-floor playing when Purushottama's friends came calling. Purushottama rushed downstairs to meet his friends, while poor Bindhu lost sight of her brother and went looking for him. She followed the light and walked over the grills. As she saw her brother, she opened her arms in excitement, slipped through the grills and fell straight down.

"It was gutting to watch that video. My neighbors and my son were standing right there! She fell right next to their feet! She did not know how to go downstairs. My wife was in the kitchen and did not know what was happening. I was not home. My son feels guilty about this and keeps crying until today."

She is too young for this fight

Bindhu was conscious when she fell, but she did not move. The family rushed her to a nearby hospital and she was immediately shifted to Manipal Hospital as she required PICU care and better Neurosurgical intervention which was done immediately after receiving the patient in the PICU.

"She opens her eyes when we talk but she does not move. Only yesterday she moved her palm and held my hand. Doctor says her joints are shaken up, but she does not need any treatment for that. She hit her head on the right side. So for the rest of her life, we cannot give her any shocking news, anything that is depressing, painful, emotionally traumatic or stressful. The doctor said she may have a chronic headache, and if she ever experiences tension the pain will get worse."

My son loves his sister, and I want to save them both

Bindhu needs further neurosurgical intervention, and she may have to stay in the ICU for 10 days. So far, Hiranya has cleared all the bills using his savings, help from friends, and by selling his wife's jewelry. He is worried about managing Bindhu's further treatment expenses as he is out of resources. This father has two sick children now and needs assistance to save his daughter's life as she is in a critical condition.

"Purushottama is depressed. He wants to see her. I am not saying anything to him. I do not want to blame him. It is not his fault. He is already sick, and I cannot let him retreat into a hole. He saw her fall, and not come home. I told him that I took her to the doctor, she has been treated and she has gone to Ajji mane for some rest. He is 9 years old. He understands everything. He won't believe this story for long. I don't know how I can hold him off forever."

Please help us

Bhagya is always by Bindhu's bedside. Both these parents are unable to control their tears when they see their baby girl hooked to so many tubes.

"She opens her mouth but no sound comes. Even when they poke her with needles. I know it is hurting her. She opens her mouth but her voice is gone. The doctor says trauma does that sometimes. It takes a while for her to start speaking, especially because she has not had water. But, if you ever saw your child like that, how would you feel?"
Bindhu now requires urgent life-saving neurosurgical intervention and intensive care for 10 days. It is estimated to cost Rs. 8 Lakhs. Hiranya is pleading for your support to save his 2-year-old. She is too young to be in this much pain.
You can help her get through this.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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