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This Farmer Needs Your Help To Save His Only Girl Child From Heart Failure

11-month-old Bhuvanasri is too weak even to cry. She was weighing 6 kg three days back and now she has already lost 2 kg. The holes in her heart are killing her, making it difficult even to breathe. The baby’s condition is getting worse each day. Now only an open-heart surgery within a week can save her. But the sad part is her farmer has no proper income to meet the medical expenses. Little Bhuvanasri won't be alive if her father fails to afford the surgery.

"She often wakes up in the middle of the night crying and gasping for breath. I and my wife stay awake trying to put her back to sleep. My wife is scared even to feed our child as there are days when the milk oozes out of our baby’s nostrils when she tries to breathe. It is a painful sight and my wife blames herself for making our daughter suffer. I can only promise her to save Bhuvana’s life but I don't know if I can keep that promise..." – Sudhakar, father

Baby Bhuvanasri has Perimembranous Malaligned VSD, a condition where she has holes in her heart.  Due to this condition, the blood does not carry enough oxygen and her body receives less. Her growth is slow. She is weak and is prone to diseases that may turn fatal.

Those three holes in my baby’s heart are killing her

"Doctors told that even a common cold can give her pneumonia and we might lose her. I am scared and each day it kills me to see her suffer. What’s more painful is as a mother I couldn’t do anything to reduce her pain," – Manimeghalai, Mother

"I have been doing farming for a decade now. But for the past three years, there’s drought and I have had a huge loss. To clear my debt I had to sell my wife’s jewels and even a piece of land that I owned. Still, I am neck-deep in debt and had to take up a job in construction sites to manage the household expenses. Now I have nothing left with me and no one is ready to even lend me money. It is my wife’s parents who are managing my child’s medical expenses with their savings. I don’t want to trouble them anymore and am looking for ways to pay for the surgery. But we have only a week left and it is highly impossible to arrange for 4 lakhs. I want to save my only daughter’s life but don’t know where should I go and to whom should I beg..."– Father

Baby Bhuvana is struggling to breathe and stay alive. She has only a week left to remove the holes in her heart else her condition may turn severe. Only your generous contribution can save this little one’s life.
Patient Bhuvana sri is 11 months old, living in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. neville solomon in Apollo Childrens Hospital, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Cardiac treatment for Cardiac

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