With A Sick Husband Who Can't Work, Mother Struggles Alone To Save Daughter From Heart Failure | Milaap
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With A Sick Husband Who Can't Work, Mother Struggles Alone To Save Daughter From Heart Failure

“We got to know that Bhumi’s heart condition had worsened only a month back. We were not prepared – both mentally and financially – for this news as my husband has been down with a dangerous pancreatic disease from the past 2 years. He has not been able to go to work as a result, and I have been struggling to make ends meet. Now my daughter needs an urgent surgery and I am struggling to arrange funds for it before it is too late,”-Nisha, mother of 14-year-old Bhumi Gupta.

An old photo of Bhumi with her parents

‘We were told that the hole in her heart would close on its own, but it just became bigger with time’

For a few months after she was born, Bhumi did not have any health issues – she was a chubby, active baby who was growing well. However, when she turned 9 months old, she suffered from severe pneumonia. She was admitted in the hospital for over 10 days. She was so critical that her parents thought they would lose her. But she survived, and the doctors were able to find the reason for her suffering – she had a hole in the upper chambers of her heart. This defect leads to lower levels of oxygen circulation in the body. Without a surgery, her heart can fail.

“Doctors in our hometown of Mainpuri, UP told us that the hole will close on its own. We did not think much of it also. But now many years later, we found out that the hole has become bigger, because of which her life is in grave danger,”-Nisha

Bhumi cannot go to school regularly due to extreme weakness and pain

Bhumi has always looked smaller than her age. She has never been able to eat food properly, and as a result, always looked very weak and frail. She would also complain of breathlessness every now and then. But she still managed to go to school, though she would always take leave frequently and miss examinations due to her general weakness. But from the past 2 months, her symptoms have become worse.

“Now her legs and stomach have also started hurting. She cannot walk two steps without panting heavily. Her heart beat has become rapid and this is scaring her – she fears death and does not leave her room now, let alone go to school,”-Nisha

‘We had to sell everything we owned to meet day-to-day expenses and are left with nothing now’

Bhumi’s father, Yatender, used to own a small mobile accessories shop in Mainpuri, UP. He earned a modest income of Rs 20,000 per month. But 2 years ago, he was diagnosed with an infection of the pancreas that made him weak and unfit to work anymore. The family had to sell the shop, along with Nisha’s jewels and other valuable items they owned, to meet daily household expenses and send their two children – Bhumi (14) and Krishna (8) to school. Now Bhumi needs an urgent open heart surgery and Nisha does not know how she will arrange money for it.

“We need Rs 4 lakhs for the surgery. I don’t even have Rs 4,000 with me at the moment. All the money that we get is not even sufficient for my husband’s medication. Please help us save Bhumi,”-Nisha
With your kind contribution, this helpless mother will be able to save her daughter from heart failure.

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