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4-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Needs An Urgent Transplant Before It Gets Too Late

Earlier this year, Niraj and Prachi found out that their child’s life in danger. Since then they have left no stone unturned to save their only child.
“She is super active, no one can have more energy than her. When suddenly she couldn’t even get up from her bed and started vomiting, we knew something was wrong.”- Prachi

We left everything and came to Mumbai

Bhavna was diagnosed with blood cancer. They left Kanpur and rushed to Mumbai to save their baby girl. The only cure was to get a bone marrow transplant. It took months to finally be ready for a transplant and now she has to get it done at the earliest before its too late.
"My liitle girl is a superwoman, she fought all of this with a smile."- Niraj

We are lucky that we've found a match but…

They were put on the list and soon they were told that they found a match. They have to go for the transplant before cancer gets worse but they can’t afford it.

I already spent around 13 lakhs for her treatment. I have sold my land, I have borrowed but now I am left with no other options. It scares me that I will lose my child.”- Niraj

Niraj worked as a lab assistant in a private school in Kanpur. He had to stop working to be there with his child for her treatment.
“I couldn’t continue with my work in Kanpur. My wife and I have been struggling since then to keep her alive. A transplant can save her but we no longer have the financial strength to do it.”- Niraj

She named her kitten after the nurse she met today

 In these 9 months of battle in Mumbai,Bhavna found her peace in cats. She named them after her friends in school.

“What are their names?”
“Riya,Shreya,Satya and Lily.”- Bhavna
No matter how many needles make her cry, she is always so happy to see her cats in the evening. Recently one of the cats gave birth and Bhavna named the kitten after the nurse she met today,Preeti.”- Prachi

This little girl is yet to see the world. She has high chances of survival. She also has a donor for her transplant but her parents are unable to afford it. Your help can save Bhavna and give her a normal life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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