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This Young Mother Urgently Needs A Heart Transplant To Live

40 year old Bharathi’s family are worried about her. Bharathi needs an urgent heart transplant, but the family cannot afford it.

A family that is fighting a battle together

Bharathi and her husband have been married a long time. The couple has two children- 22 year old Sowmya, and 18 year old Kavya. Sowmya works in a company in Bangalore and Kavya has just finished her 12th standard exams.

The family has a small shop in their native place of Kandukuram in Prakasham district in Andhra Pradesh. However, for the past few months, they have been unable to attend to the shop.

It all started with a little difficulty in breathing

Four years ago, Bharathi was having a little difficulty breathing. They consulted a doctor in Nellore. At that time, her heartbeat was really slow. Doctors said that her heart was not pumping blood properly. There was no cure, other than a heart transplant. At the time however, Bharathi’s body was not strong enough to handle a transplant.

At this stage, Bharathi and her family have relocated from their native place to live with relatives in Nellore. They feel that this will provide them with family support for her illness. Since the last two months, the family has been consulting doctors in Global Hospital, Chennai. 

Doctors have advised them that Bharathi can now undergo a transplant- but she has to undergo the operation at the earliest.

"She tries to act like her illness is not too serious. But I know it is. I need my mother to recover!"- Kavya, Bharathi's daughter

How can you help?

The surgery is estimated to cost over Rs 28 lakhs. The family has been visiting doctors for the past two months and hence had to shut down their shop. There is now no source of income- and they cannot afford to raise Rs 28 lakhs for her surgery.

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