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Couple Waited For Years To Be Parents, Now They Might Lose Their Twin Babies

“9 years we’d waited for a chance to become parents. When I learned that I was pregnant, I was over the moon! After the hellish year we had, this was our greatest blessing. We were going to have not one, but two babies of our own. Our dreams were finally coming true. Or so, I thought…” - Kiran, mother

She unexpectedly went into labour early

On the evening of 7 November, Narendra had been working in the fields, when he got a phone call from home, saying his wife had unexpectedly gone into labour. Panicked, he left his work half-finished and rushed to her. Kiran was only 8 months along in her pregnancy, but by noon the next day, she had given birth to their twin baby girls.  

“My wife was not due for another month, yet she was already in labour. It was too early, and I was terrified for her and our babies. The doctor monitored her all night, but by next morning she was advised to undergo an emergency c-section or our babies would’ve been in danger. As soon as they were born they had to be taken to the NICU and I couldn't even see them or hold them in my arms.” - Narendra, father

They need to remain in NICU care for a bit longer

Kiran and Narendra’s baby girls were born at a local hospital in their hometown in Madhya Pradesh, but it was unequipped to provide them with the right treatment. Overnight, the babies had to be shifted to a bigger hospital in Maharashtra, where they have spent every moment in the NICU fighting for their lives with every breath they take.

As they were born prematurely, at just 32 weeks, with a low birth weight and underdeveloped lungs, the little ones struggle to breathe on their own and are on ventilator support.
Currently, they are responding to their treatment well and there is a significant improvement in their condition. But they need prolonged NICU care, for at least one more month, to recover. 

Only a farmer, he has exhausted all his resources to save his babies

Narendra and Kiran made a living as farmers toiling away in their fields and would earn merely INR 8,000 a month with their hard work, which was too little for them to get by. The pandemic and bad weather has been extremely unfavourable for their work, and the couple had been struggling to make ends meet.

“I have gone above and beyond my capacity to afford my babies’ treatment. I never imagined that the hospital charges would be so expensive. I’ve spent everything I had, borrowed from everyone I know, and even sold my wife’s jewelry. Yet, I’m failing to save my children. Please help us. I need both my babies with us. I need to save them both, but I don’t know how…” - Narendra

10 lakhs is a huge amount that Narendra can never afford. But it’s the only thing that can save his babies and with your contribution, they will be able to get the treatment they need. Click here to donate.

Patient Babys of Kiran Balpande is 6 days old, living in Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh
Being treated in N K P Salve Institute Of Medical Science and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Prematurity With LBW

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