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He Can Lose His Life Even Before Turning A Month Old, He Needs Urgent Surgery

"My baby is not even a month old, yet I always live in the fear that he might not live to see the next day. There's a growing tumour in his liver and he needs an immediate surgery but we are struggling to afford it. I don't want to lose him..." - Renuka's voice chokes as she says this.

The jaundice was not harmless after all

Renuka’s son was born with jaundice but the doctors assured her that a lot of children are born with this and it usually goes away as the baby grows up. But that didn’t happen with Renuka’s baby boy.
“We brought him home, hoping things will get better but by the 6th day his condition became worse. His stomach started swelling up and he would cry all the time. We took him to the hospital, they ordered immediate scans. That’s how we got to know about the growing tumour in his liver!” - Renuka.  

His only hope is an urgent surgery but his parents can’t afford it

Renuka and Shanmugam’s baby boy is critical but he has hope. He needs urgent surgery in the next 2-3 weeks. But there are difficulties that these helpless parents can’t overcome.
“The doctor has said that he needs to be at least a month old and a little more than 4 kgs for him to undergo the surgery. He is almost a month old now and we are trying our level best to increase his weight so that he can undergo the surgery. But what will we do about the cost? We would need 5 lakhs for it and there’s no way we can arrange for it,” - Renuka.  

My son’s condition is serious but my hands are tied 

Shanmugam is a police constable who struggles hard to take care of his family. He has two elder daughters and now this baby boy to look after - he is the only earning member of his family.
“I have spent over 2 lakhs but the surgery would require more. My son is getting worse with every passing day. Along with the growing tumour he also suffers from a condition where if he gets even a minor bruise, he will end up bleeding uncontrollably and profusely. His treatment needs to start as soon as possible but my hands are tied,” - Shanmugam.

Renuka and Shanmugam are desperate, they need your help. Every small contribution will help them save their son. 
Patient Baby of Renuka is 19 days old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Chengala, Kerala

Receiving treatment for Hepatoblastoma

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