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Baby Udbhav Was Recovering When He Was Diagnosed With A Chronic Liver Disease

Young Udbhav was born to his parents on September 2nd, 2015. His parents were ecstatic at his birth. Satya and Vandana have been married for 8 years. The couple has two older daughters.

A new birth that brought happiness, but soon turned into tragedy

6 days after he was born, Udbhav’s parents noticed that he was a little yellow. They took him to the doctor who performed a jaundice test. The baby was finally diagnosed with Biliary Artesia. And thus began the parent’s nightmare. Baby Udbhav spent time at the hospital. But unfortunately, as a newborn, his immunity had not developed, and he caught infections.

A diagnosis- that broke the parent's heart

Despite medications, Udbhav wasn’t getting well. The worried parents finally took him to Dr Prashant Bachina at Global Hospitals, Hyderabad. Dr Bachina took one look at the baby and told the parents the news: Baby Udbhav’s liver had not developed since his birth. The newborn urgently needed a liver transplant to survive. The cost of the operation was Rs 20 lakhs.

A family that had to think about how to save their son:

“I went home after the diagnosis and nearly cried. How was I going to save my son?”
Satya shared the concerns with his extended family and relatives. They heard the cost associated with saving baby Udbhav. Some of them wanted to give up right away. It was too expensive, they insisted. Satya persisted. He was determined to save his son.

At this point, Satya heard about an ayurvedic medicine man who could ‘cure’ liver problems- with a single herb. For five weeks, he traveled to visit the medicine man, and gave the herb to his son. It seemed to work, too- baby Udbhav was getting better.

A case that turned critical:

Satya took Udbhav to Dr Bachina again to check. This time, the situation was severe. The herbs had made the baby’s stomach swell- and now his case was critical. Udbhav needed an urgent liver transplant before infections set in. Doctors said the baby would die in ten days without the transplant.

In August 2016, Satya went to Global Chennai Hospitals for the transplant. His wife was the donor, and the liver transplant happened on September 5th. It was a complicated operation, and both baby and mother were in the ICU for ten days. Satyanarayana thought his troubles were over.

Infections after the transplant:

Unfortunately, Udbhav has been fighting off infections since his liver transplant. He has been in and out of the hospitals this year- causing his family to be distressed at their baby’s suffering.

Why should you help?

This father is fighting against the odds- and his own relatives, to ensure that his baby lives. The family has given up everything and moved to Chennai for medical treatment. Udbhav’s older sisters don’t go to school as they cannot stay alone in their village. Satya has exhausted all means of financial support. He does not even have a job as he spends in his days in the hospital watching over his son.