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They Make Rs 7 For Every Cup Of Tea They Sell, They Can’t Save Their Baby In 3 Days

What can you buy with 7 rupees at hand? Maybe a small candy? That’s also how much Ranjitha and Kusha make for every cup of tea that they sell at their small shop. But even If they sell a hundred cups in one day, they won’t be able to save their 5-month-old baby’s life. And that’s the only thing they think about now.

“Our baby’s heart is failing. Can you hear her? It’s been two hours now and she hasn’t stopped crying. I take her out, I walk around, I sing to her…nothing helps. Only a surgery can take away her pain.” – Ranjitha.

She needs the heart surgery in 3 days – a surgery her poor parents just can’t afford.

The little one started fighting for her life even before she left her mother’s womb

During her 7th month scan, Ranjitha found out that her baby’s heartbeat was very low. They had to deliver the baby or else, they could lose her. Baby Srestha was underweight and was in the ICU for 10 days before her parents could take her home. Ranjitha and Kusha took him a healthy baby after that. Or so they thought.

“When she was 3-months-old, she stopped feeding. She would cry all day because she was hungry but she just couldn’t drink the milk. That’s how we found out she has a two holes in her heart. They gave us medicines, they told us to wait a month. We did. But now only a surgery can save her.”

3 days is all they have left to save her

Baby Srestha can’t miss even one medicine. She needs to take them twice a day. If she misses it even once, her life can be at risk. But now Kusha and Ranjitha have nothing to even afford her medicines, let alone the surgery. They have a small tea shop in Bangalore, and what they earn is barely enough to keep them afloat.

“Her condition is so critical that we can’t leave her side for even a minute…but I have no way to afford the surgery. I’ve gone to everyone I know, we’ve spent 4 lakhs till now. That’s everything we had and everything we could borrow.”

The clock is ticking. 3 days is all these tea-sellers have to save their 5-month-old baby girl who has known only pain since birth. She needs your help.
Patient Baby Srestha is 4 months old, living in Bangalore, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Joseph in CAH, Bangalore, Karnataka

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for VSD PDA

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