It Feels Like Only Yesterday I Held Her In My Arms, Now I'll Lose My 5-Month-Old Forever | Milaap
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It Feels Like Only Yesterday I Held Her In My Arms, Now I'll Lose My 5-Month-Old Forever

"Sneha has been in the ICU for 10 days. It was only yesterday that she opened her eyes for a few minutes. She is not able to breathe on her own. I have no strength to even cry. My husband is in our village, looking for jobs, begging for help from his friends. All he has now is few thousands and we need in lakhs. If we do not get any help, we'll lose our baby," - Ramya, mother of 5-month-old baby.

We never imagined that a simple cold and cough can lead to a dangerous condition

Kavitha's BP went drastically low 5 days before her due date and an immediate C section was done. Baby Sneha was only 1.75 kg when she was born. She was in ICU for 5 days after which her parents took her home. She was fine and slowly gaining weight too. Unfortunately, 20 days back she got severe cold and cough and medicines did not help her. She could hardly sleep and cried uncontrollably. Later, she got seizures and her parents rushed her to a hospital in Bangalore. 

"She is still on the ventilator support. I sometimes desperately wish that this is only a bad dream but it is not. I stand next to her and call her 'bablu' . I feel even God is not listening to my prayers, I can't bear to see her little body covered with tubes everywhere, it is painful," - Ramya

The deadly infection has spread to her brain

When Ramya had to undergo a C section before her due date, she was shocked and despite the unbearable pain, she begged the doctors to save her baby at any cost. It was only when she brought her baby home, she felt relieved. But fate had other plans - now her baby is fighting for her life and she has no choice but to watch her suffer helplessly. Scan reports revealed that she has got lung infections and it has spread to her brain too, it can damage her brain completely without treatment.

"There were times my husband couldn't find work for the day but we always managed to run the family, my children gave me all the reasons to be happy. We skipped meals to feed them, we were still hopeful that we will have a better life one day. Now, I do not know what I can do to save my baby," - Kavitha

My husband is running to everyone for help but how can he arrange for 8 lakhs?

Madesh is a daily wager, he works on other's farm and earns Rs 250 per day. He lives in a village in Kolar district. He works day and night to make ends meet. He has spent 4 lakhs so far by borrowing from his family and friends. He is struggling to find odd jobs, asking for help to continue the treatment while his wife Ramya is desperately waiting to take their baby home. Baby Sneha has a good chance of recovery if treatment is continued and she needs your help for the same.

"All we have in life is our children, I cannot imagine losing my baby, infections has already started damaging her brain, we cannot delay further, please help us to save her," - Kavitha

Your small contribution can save 5-month-old baby Sneha's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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