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This 4-Year-Old Knows Her Heart Is Giving Up On Her And She’s Running Out Of Time

“She had a high fever, her body was burning. She was so weak that she couldn’t even sit up on the bed. Her heart was beating so heavily. And then, she fainted.” – Kaushalya, mother describing the fateful night when the got to know of Shreya’s condition.

After being rushed to hospital about 20 km away, Shreya’s parents had a harsh truth to accept. Shreya has a hole in the center of her heart. Due to this, her blood circulation is affected which has impacted her whole body.

“We couldn’t treat her for three years. We didn’t have money…”

Today, Shreya is four. It has been four years of suffering for the little girl. She has been growing up with the disease.

“I have seen her cry in pain. She has seen so much in these four years. Although, the cure was available, we did not have the money to pay for it. And now her condition is so severe that we can't even afford to waste a day...” – Tanaji, father.

Shreya knows her heart is giving up on her

“I need an operation. My heart is failing – our little daughter says. I wonder how she is dealing with this...” – Kaushalya, mother.

The little girl is aware of her life-threatening condition. She used to ask a lot of questions- why do you take me to the hospital frequently? Why do I feel weak? Why don’t you let me play? Now, she knows why. She is fond of studying but can’t to school daily. She likes to play but her body doesn’t support her.

I have no money to save her

Our family income is Rs 3000 per month for a family of four. I’ve begged, borrowed and done everything I could but it is not enough to save my daughter. She doesn’t have much time, every day we delay is pushing my daughter towards death,” – Tanaji, father.

The little girl needs help to survive. Help her by donating as much as you can
Patient Baby shreya nagane is 4 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated by Sanjay in Workhardt, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Av canal repair

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