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The Clock Is Ticking For This Baby With Liver Disease, Her Parents Are Counting On Your Help

Baby Ruksorbano was born with jaundice, she recovered after few weeks. Her parents were happy and excited when they finally took her home but their happiness did not last for a long time. She had recurrent jaundice. The worried parents took her to the hospital. It was there they found out that their baby has a severe liver disease. Now they have only 24 hours to save her.

We were running to different hospitals, medicines did not help her, she was not getting better at all. Almost everyone gave up, we were asked to be prepared for the worst. One of the doctors suggested that there is a possibility if we take her to Delhi. It was beyond our capacity, but we did not want to give up," - Mughabhad, mother.

We are counting on everyone to come forward and help us

The desperate parents reached out to everyone they knew. With whatever they could arrange, they could come to Delhi with the hope of getting their baby cured. But now they don't have anything left with which they can go ahead with the transplant. They need your help.

All we know is that we have come to the right place, nothing else mattered to us

Mughabhad and Dilshod did not waste a minute when they heard that their baby has a chance. They called all their friend's for help and they managed to raise nearly 3000 dollars through crowdfunding. They came here 2 weeks back and after a series of tests doctors said that baby can recover with a transplant and fortunately mother is a matching donor.

"The doctor here speaks Russian and few of his team members also speak our language. We were glad to know that they have done many successful transplants for babies. For the first time I felt hopeful. I cannot explain how it is to live with the fear of losing your baby. I'm holding him in my arms and tell him that it is going to be okay soon," - Mughabhad

We are counting on every little support, please help us take her back home

Baby Ruksorbano's infections and jaundice are now in control. She is all stable for the transplant but they need 20 lakhs. Dilshod is bus driver in uzbekistan, he hardly has any savings. He was least prepared for this. Back in his place, his family and his two other children are waiting for them to come back. It can be a new and happy beginning, only if the transplant is done for which they need your help.

You can gift a new life to this 9-month-old baby

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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