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She Will Go Completely Blind Because Of Her Aggressive Cancer, She's Only 2

“Every day I worry that this might be the last day my baby will be able to see me. I’m scared thinking about her future… if she will even have one now that her cancer is spreading so rapidly. We have nothing left to save her. We live in guilt and pain every day. All I want is to save her, to take her home and keep her safe from all of this. But I can’t.” – Sujatha, mother

Ruchita is only 2 and has already lost her vision in her right eye. She’s slowly losing her vision in her other eye too. If she doesn’t get help soon, she will go completely blind.

She's running out of time - the cancer has spread to her brain

Being the youngest in the family, Ruchitha was pampered by her parents and her brother Vishnu (8). She was able to stand on her own and pick up words very soon. The family was excited at every milestone that she reached. Unfortunately, 6 months back, all their happiness and dreams came to a standstill. They noticed a silvery cloud in her pupil and it slowly started to swell. They took her to the hospital and found that she has cancer and it is affecting both her eyes. They were devastated beyond words and started immediately with the chemotherapy in a local hospital but she did not get better even after 6 cycles. They brought her to a hospital in Bangalore and tests revealed that her cancer has spread to her brain, now she needs a bone marrow transplant to fight it.

Ruchitha before the diagnosis

"We were told that eye cancer in children is 90% curable and we felt hopeful about it but now it has spread to her brain too. I keep thinking that I should have brought her to this hospital in the beginning itself. Whenever she holds me and cries, I fear that this might be the last time she is able to see me, I don't know how long she can endure this pain, " - Sujatha.

Her parents have put everything at stake to try and afford her treatment

Despite all the pain and trauma, Baby Ruchita has shown extraordinary will power and doctors have guaranteed that with bone marrow transplant she can definitely recover completely and live a normal life. However, with just a taxi driver's income, treatment is beyond Manjunath's means. His ageing father and widowed sister with her children are also dependent on him and live under the same roof. He has spent 3 lakhs so far by borrowing from his friends and took a loan of 1 lakh and pledged all the gold they had to raise Rs 30,000. Nothing was enough, they need 19 lakhs for the treatment and without your help, they'll lose their child

"I have put everything at stake to raise money for her treatment and I do not have anything left. We had so many dreams for her, everyone used to tell us how beautiful and active she is but now everything has changed. We have one last chance to save her, but without help, we'll fail her, please help us," - Manjunath.

Your contribution can save this 2-year-old from turning blind and live a normal life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

You can save baby Ruchitha