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They Waited 13 Years For A Baby But Now Have Only One Month To Save Her

Parajika is 2-year-old baby who needs an urgent liver transplant. She has been so weakened that she has fallen down and suffered fractures twice. Her growth is stunted and her body could suffer permanent damage if she doesn't get the transplant within a month. Her father Shravan Kumar is a milkman and needs financial support to save Parajika.

“We waited over10 years for a child – we know the value of its life”

Shravan and Sunanda did not have children for a long time. After 13 years, Sunanda finally became pregnant giving a new hope to the couple. Shravan, who runs a milk supply shop in a small village near Medak, hired an assistant so he could focus on his child. 

Sunanda always wanted a daughter. A daughter would connect with her and Shravan more deeply. She would make their home joyful and beautiful. Their happiness grew even more when they were told they were having twins. Parajika and Pawan were born on July 4, 2014, to Sunanda and Shravan. 

Parajika was the weak baby. She was born with jaundice and took phototherapy right after birth. The parents went home and for the first few months, nothing spoilt their happiness. But by the time she was 3-months-old – they saw that Parajika's jaundice had still not subsided and that's when their nightmare began. 

They took Parajika to the hospital. The 1.5 month-old baby was diagnosed with Biliary Artesia and was immediately hospitalised. The bile produced in her liver was damaging her liver instead of being stored in the duct. The doctors performed a small surgery to ease her condition, but it did not help.

Baby Parajika is very sick at the moment. Her stomach is distended and she isn't able to eat much

Despite the surgery being a success, the doctors told Sunanda and Shravan that a liver transplant needed to be performed as soon as possible. 

Parajika's growth has been marred by liver disease

Parajika is a growing baby, but all her growth has been affected by liver disease. While her natural instinct is to move and explore the world around Parajika doesn't know that her body is not ready. She has always been underweight. She started walking only after she turned two, and even when she manages to stand, she tends to fall. She has suffered two fractures so far. 

Parajika learnt to stand only this year -  at two. All her developmental milestones have been delayed to her illness

A few months back, she started vomitting blood and that is when her parents knew the situation was really dire. She now has a tube in her mouth that has affected her speech. So while Pawan talks to his parents, Parajika is unable to express beyond lisping a few basic words.

Sunanda is forced to neglect Pawan because Parajika needs her more

Parajika's illness has put Sunanda and Shravan in the terrible position of having to choose one of their babies over the other – in a time when they need them most. Shravan has put his assistant in charge and left his village to come to Hyderabad where his baby will recieve proper medical attention. 

Sunanda needs to spend all her time with Parajika since she is sick. “Pawan is always with his father. I know he doesn't eat well. Sometimes, my husband stays in the hospital and I come home to our son so I can spend some time with him. But in my mind – I keep missing and worrying over Parajika,” she explains. 

Shravan's business in the village brings home about Rs 13,000 per month. They have liquidated all their savings and spent close to Rs 7 lakhs on Parajika's treatment. While they have been preparing for the transplant – they are nowhere close to putting together 16 lakhs needed for the transplant.

Chronic jaundice has turned Parajika's eyes yellow
Sunanda and Shravan are facing the very real prospect of losing their long awaited 2-year-old baby. They have so far done everything they can think of to save her. Support them in saving their daughter today.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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