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Struggling Parents Need Help To Save Newborn From Brain Damage

Bhushan still remembers the moment he took her newborn baby in his arms for the first time. It was a joy that he could not contain – he could not stop staring at his small, angelic face and cute little fingers. He also remembers pledging to do whatever it takes to protect him. But today, he is not sure if he will be able to keep that promise.

“My baby boy is very ill. He has been in the ICU for so many days now – some days, we are not able to even see him, let alone be next to him and comfort him. In fact, we have never spent quality time with him as he always had breathing problems since his birth. We are completely helpless now.”- Bhushan Niwant, baby’s father.

Bhushan and Pallavi’s newborn baby is suffering from a condition called encephalopathy, a disease of the brain that alters brain function or structure. He is in such a critical state that without continued treatment, he may not survive.

Despite multiple challenges, their focus is on saving their baby

Right after the baby was admitted in the hospital, the family started encountering numerous other difficulties, one after the other. His mother, Pallavi, contracted COVID-19. The mental distress that she was suffering due to her baby’s condition along with the illness really tore down her spirit. She has still not recovered completely, even though she has tested negative. The baby’s grandfather recently suffered a stroke and was on the verge of paralysis.

“We don’t know what we did to deserve these hardships. But the entire family does not care about anything else except the health of the baby. We want to save him at any cost. Hope God will find us a way.”- Pallavi, baby’s mother.

This father sold everything he had…but it will not suffice

Bhushan is a daily wage worker who earns around Rs.300 per day. Pallavi is a housewife. Now, since both of them have to stay in the hospital to cater to the baby’s requirements, things have been very hard. Bhushan can only go to work once in a while and poverty is really pushing them to give up on life itself, but they are holding on with every last shred of hope.

“I sold my farm animals – the only ‘property’ that I really owned.  Till now I have been managing the bills with those funds. We have not been eating or sleeping well. I cannot afford his treatment anymore and do not know what to do except beg people for help”.- Bhushan.
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Patient Baby pallavi Niwant is 27 days old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in nkp salve institute of medical sciences & rc & lata mangeshkar hospital, Hingna, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Encephalopathy

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