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This Father Can’t Even Afford To Make A Phone Call To Save His Baby

“I can’t make a single phone call to save my baby, I can’t do anything!” Ompal breaks down as he sits helplessly in the waiting room outside the ICU, where his baby has been for 10 days now. He is only 2-months-old. Vidya sits quietly beside him, her eyes glued to the ICU door.

“Yesterday I had gone out to buy medicines…with the last bit of money I had left. And someone stole my phone. I can’t call my daughter who is back in our village, I can’t call my relatives for help…why is God doing this to us?” - Ompal

No one trusts us

Ompal and Vidya have had the worst few days. They took home a healthy baby boy, only to bring him back to the hospital a few days ago. He just couldn’t breathe. He has pneumonia and it’s so severe that the only way he can recover is if he stays in the ICU for 2 more weeks. But Ompal is only a daily wager.

“I earn Rs. 250 per day, how can anyone save anything with that much? I borrowed 40,000 from some money lenders. It’s been 10 days and till I had my phone, they kept calling me. Even though I told them it’ll take some time…my baby is critical..but. No one trusts poor people like us.” - Ompal

The get only a few minutes a day with their baby 

“We haven’t even named him yet. We get to see him for 5-10 minutes in a day, the doctors tell us not to stay longer because he can get an infection. And even the smallest one can be dangerous.” – Vidya

Ompal and Vidya have nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to. Everything they had is now gone, and now, they can lose their newborn too.

In the time that they have been away, Vidya and Ompal’s 1-year-old has also fallen sick. Now they worry for her too, fearing the worst. It’s hard to see the light in these difficult times. But there is hope for their baby. They can take him home once he regains his strength and recovers from pneumonia. You can help save him.
Patient Baby of Vidya is 2 months old, living in Faridabad, Haryana
Being treated by Dr Pawan Sharma in Swastik Hospital, Faridabad, Haryana

Receiving treatment for acute pneumonia

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