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Only 10-Days-Old And This Baby's Life Is At Risk, His Parents Beg For Help

Ramesh has been spending sleepless nights fearing the worst for his 10-days-old baby boy. Since the day he was born, Ramesh and Teeja’s baby has been in severe pain, unable to even breathe. Teeja hasn’t even been able to look at his face, leave alone holding her baby in her arms. She was lying unconscious in the hospital bed when Ramesh had to take their son to Jaipur, in an ambulance.
“The doctors said that if we delayed even for a minute, we won’t be able to save our son. Which parent would want to take that risk - I just couldn’t,” - Ramesh, father.

Machines beeping, tubes connected to the little baby - Ramesh can’t bear that sight

While his wife was recovering from the delivery in their village,  Ramesh was all alone in Jaipur. For the last ten days, he has hardly had a full meal. He has always been on his toes, getting the medicines for his son. He waits outside the ICU, anxiously. The doctors have allowed him to go and see his baby for 5 minutes every day. But Ramesh can’t bear to see him like that.
“Teeja came only yesterday but before that she has always been calling me. She was so scared, she kept asking me if our son is alive. It’s a horrible place to be in. And now she doesn't want to leave her baby's side at all."

He is slowly getting better but he still needs a lot of care

Teeja and Ramesh’s baby boy is recovering but very slowly. He had severe pneumonia and infection. He is responding to the treatment but the doctors have said that he needs to stay in the hospital for at least a week. Ramesh wants his baby to get well as soon as possible but he is only a daily wager. How will he afford the treatment?

“I do odd jobs and make something around Rs 200 per day. Teeja is handicapped because of polio - she can’t move her right hand. So I am the only one earning and taking care of my family. My old parents are also dependent on me.”

Ramesh is at a loss now. He has already spent more than Rs 50,000 on his son’s treatment. His neighbours and friends have come forward and helped him. But now he needs around 2 lakhs for the baby’s hospital stay. He is looking up to you for help.

With your help, these desperate parents can save their baby boy's life 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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