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4 Days Is All This Father Has To Save His Newborn From Heart Disease

This is her 26th day in the hospital. That means this baby has spent every day since birth fighting for every breath.  26 days of pain – the only thing she’s ever known. Her fight, however, isn’t over at all. She has just 4 days to get a heart surgery. If delayed, there’s no telling what can happen.  

“She might not live till she’s even 1-month-old if the surgery is not done in 4 days. We can never take her home, her sister will never see her…” – Manoj, father

Will today be the last time he sees her?

Every day when Manoj goes home from the hospital to see his daughter Kavya (5), she comes running to him and the first thing she asks? “Where is babu? When is she coming?” Manoj has nothing assuring to say anymore. All he can think about is that time is running out.

“We knew during the fifth month of Suman’s pregnancy that our baby had a heart condition, but is anyone ever prepared for something like this? I don’t think so…we didn’t think we would lose her to this disease. She can’t even breathe, it’s so sad to watch her struggle.”

The 5-7 minutes that Manoj gets to see his baby girl in the ICU is the best but also the scariest for him. “Will this be the last time I see her?” he worries.

Suman refuses to leave the hospital without her baby girl

It’s been 26 days for Suman in the hospital too. She refuses to leave without her newborn in her arms. She doesn’t talk as much or eat as much, and it takes a lot of convincing from her husband for her to even sit for long. Suman is exhausted, she is scared.

Manoj works in a private company and earns enough to support his family of 4. Ever since they found out that their baby could have a heart disease, they tried saving up as much as they could for her medicines. Little did they know that medicines are not enough. Their baby girl is running out of time. She needs the surgery soon.

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