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Poor Coolie's Newborn Son Suffers From Respiratory Distress; He Needs Help

“It’s been a testing time for our family for the last 50 days since my son was born. What should have been a celebrating time has turned sour due to complications in his health. Our little one is struggling to take each breath. Being poor has made me a helpless father.” - Sreenevasalu, Father

Baby of Sreelatha was born with respiration distress and is being treated in NICU with the help of High-flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) support. He has been diagnosed with Laryngotracheomalacia, a condition where the soft tissues of the larynx fall over the airway opening and partially block it.

He is not able to swallow milk properly

The newborn also suffers from Regurgitation, the backward movement of stomach contents up the esophagus (the swallowing tube) into the mouth. The little one is in a critical state and needs to undergo airway corrective surgeries to recover.

They want us to bring their baby brother home

“I feel terrible looking at my baby suffering so much. He is so tiny and fragile. The doctors informed that it is a rare condition in newborns which can only be treated with surgery. However, we are not from a rich or even middle-class family to be able to afford such expensive treatment. My two daughters are crying everyday to bring their little brother home. I don’t know how to console them when I cannot console myself.” – Sreelatha, Mother

He is a coolie and has no means to afford the treatment

Sreenevasalu works as a coolie in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. He brought the baby to a hospital in Chennai to undergo the required surgeries and treatment. The cost for the surgeries is expected to be INR 8 Lakh. Sreenevasalu has no means to afford the cost or repay the loan he has already taken.

I’m struggling to bring food to my table

I go blank whenever the doctors mention the treatment; my mind is always thinking about the money—where will I get so much money from? These days, I have no job due to the lockdown. My family does not even have proper meals. On the other hand, looking my sweet little son, I just cannot give up on him. I just sit beside his bed and look at his tiny innocent face. At those times, I know in my heart that God will surely help me through someone.” – Sreenevasalu, Father

Baby of Sreelatha needs your help to recover. Help this poor family bring their bundle of joy home. Click here to save Baby of Sreelatha.
Patient Baby of Sreelatha is 1 month old, living in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in kanchi kamakotti child trust hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving NICU Care treatment for NICU

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