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They Lost Their First Child, In 24 Hours They’ll Lose Another To A Rare Disease Without Help

Imagine holding your baby and knowing that this might the last 24 hours you have with him. All I can think about now is if this will be his last breath. He’s just 3-months-old, the same age as our first child when he died. Life has brought us to the same place once again, but this time we have a chance to save our baby. This time, there is hope.” – Shravanti, mother

Shravanti is right. A bone marrow transplant can save her baby, but with his condition deteriorating, he needs the transplant tomorrow.

The next cold can kill him

Until 3 weeks ago, Shravanti and Shreenu did not know why their first child died. They thought it was a fever. It was only when their baby boy was diagnosed with immune deficiency disorder, did the doctors realise that their first baby passed away from the same disease. The symptoms were all the same – fever, blisters on the body and recurring infections. This disease kills the immune system, making even a common cold fatal.

“If only we had known about our first baby’s disease earlier, he wouldn’t have to go through this. Maybe it’s our fault…now I always make sure to ask the doctor a lot of questions. I don’t want to leave anything to chance.” - Shreenu

Shravanti and Shreenu’s baby has been in and out of the ICU ever since they took him to Bangalore. It is evident that he’s running out of time.

The pain of losing one child and fear of losing another – a heavy burden for a mother to bear

As a parent, you never really overcome the death of a child. Shravanti and Shreenu too think about their first baby every day. Even more now. If Shravanti’s baby doesn’t get a transplant tomorrow, the chances of him making it for the next two months even, are low. That’s how serious his condition is.

“People say a lot of things when they call us, they tell us that we should give up because our child is fated to die. How can a mother give up? Just like that? I do believe in fate, and I believe my son’s fate is to live. To fight this disease.”  - Shravanti

They need 20 lakhs in 24 hours to save their baby– here’s how you can help

Last night, Shreenu didn’t get any sleep. As he lay on the hospital floor, all he thought about whom he could call next to ask for help. He has no one, though. He’s a daily wager, and everyone he knows always earns a meagre amount. 20 lakhs in 24 hours is an impossible task.

Shravanti and Shreenu’s baby doesn’t have long left to live without a transplant. Your support is the only thing they are counting on to save him – they have exhausted all their savings in just one month. You can save these parents from the pain of another loss, and most of all, you can save this baby’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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