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Born After 21 Years Of Marriage, These Poor Parents Need Your Help To Save Their Newborn Daughter

“For 21 years, I was told that I will never be a mother. Now I have my daughter, but she could be cruelly taken away from me. My beautiful baby, she’s fighting for life in the NICU. Our daughter is my only chance at being a mother, and I have to save her at any cost. Please help us.” - Sanjeela, mother

They fought against all odds to have their miracle baby

For several years, Sanjeela and Sanjay had been struggling with infertility and were the subject of mockery from their family, friends and even strangers in the village. They had given up their hope of having a baby until they learned about IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), which would cost them a fortune.

“I was determined to do whatever it takes to have a baby, but the cost of IVF was more than what we could earn in a year. Thankfully, our landlord was generous enough to understand our financial situation and helped us with IVF expenses. I got pregnant and everything went well. But due to some complications, I had to deliver my baby a few weeks before the due date.” - Sanjeela, mother

She needs to remain in the NICU for a few more weeks

“Our daughter weighed just 1 kg when she was born and so they admitted her to the NICU. Since she is so small and vulnerable, they don’t let me stay inside the NICU for a long time. It's really hard to describe the pain I feel every time I see her covered in those tubes.” - Sanjeela, mother

Sanjeela’s age and her daughter's early birth combined have taken a toll on her body. The baby is unable to breathe on her own. And due to the extreme pressure on her lungs, her body turns blue once every three days. She suffers from sepsis, a severe form of infection due to which her blood pressure has drastically droppedShe can survive these extreme conditions, but only with prolonged NICU treatment for at least 12 more weeks.

They will be forced to stop her treatment without sufficient funds

Sanjay and Sanjeela come from a poor background and survive on a meagre income. Without the funds, they’re afraid they might not be able to continue their newborn daughter’s treatment. They've already spent INR 2 lakhs with the help of their landlord for IVF treatment which they're still repaying with heavy interest. Now, with no option left, they are coming to you for help.

“We have been surviving on only one meal a day, for the past one month to save every rupee we have for my baby’s treatment. The doctors told us that she needs intensive care for a few more weeks and then we can take her home. We’ve struggled a lot to have a baby, we cannot bear losing her.” - Sanjay, father

Sanjay and Sanjeela finally have what they longed for years - a child of their own. All this time, they had been scorned for being childless, and now that they finally have their baby, poverty threatens to take her away. With your help, they can save their baby.

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Patient Baby of Sanjeela is 1 month old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Swastik Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Premature | Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

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